Best Fly Rods for Trout (2024 Buyer’s Guide)

A list of the best fly rods for trout including the best weights for trout rods and important features to look out for in the best trout fly rods.

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When picking out the best trout rods for fly fishing, you should think about what types of flies you plan on throwing. Are you chasing rainbows and brown trout or are you going after small brook trout?

A rod with the correct size will give you much more precision when casting larger or smaller flies. Also, a heavier rod will help you haul in bigger fish too.

Quick Answer: Best Trout Rods

So, if you’re looking to get into trout fishing and need a rod but you’re not sure where to start, then check out the information below. I’m going to cover features as well as products.

Check out our best fly rods overall if you’re looking for rods in all weights and for all species. Also, make sure to read our guide to the best trout flies as well as our guide on fly fishing for trout if you plan on doing a lot of trout fishing.

Note: This list has been updated with new trout rods that we reviewed and tested in 2024.

Top 10 Best Trout Fly Rods

Below, I’ll go over several different trout rods. At Into Fly Fishing, we’ve researched, reviewed, tested and beaten up each of these fly rods over multiple fishing seasons in most cases.

Myself and other professional guides and casting instructors here on the blog have put these rods through their paces, as well as dozens of others, to narrow down our list and bring you these 10 trout rods for 2024.

1. Sage R8 Core
(Best Fly Rod For Trout)

  • Pieces: 4
  • Available Sizes: 3wt9′, 4wt(8’6″,9′,10′), 5wt(8’6″,9′,9’6″,10′), 6wt(9′,9’6″,10′), 7wt(9′,9’6″,10′), 8wt(9′,9’6″,10′), 9wt9′
  • Action: Fast (5wt9′ is Med-Fast)
  • Pros: Light, excellent cork, perfect action & feel, super accurate at shorter distances
  • Cons: Expensive, a bit of wobble in recovery in some weights
Me holding my Sage R8 Core fly rod in my back yard the day I received it in the mail from Sage

I just received my first Sage R8 Core 5-weight 9-foot fly rod in the mail and I have to say that it’s easily one of the best trout-specific fly rods that I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tested & reviewed countless trout rods).

This thing is a dream, particularly at shorter distances. The 5wt 9′ specifically is a beast for dry fly fishing for trout. At distances up to 60 feet, you can drop your fly on a dime and the swing weight at 62g/m² feels pretty perfect to me.

my sage r8 core fly rod sitting on a wood background showing the etched labeling on the rod
My Sage R8 Fly Rod Looking Sexy on a Wood Beam in my Backyard

When you take this rod out of its tube for the first time, you can see it’s made by a leading fly fishing brand in Sage. The cork is super high quality, the rod feels impossibly light in your hand, and the componentry (while maybe not as top-notch as a Winston) is pretty great.

When it comes to dry fly fishing for trout, there’s no rod I’d rather have in my arsenal than the Sage R8 Core 5wt 9ft fly rod.

Sage R8 Core Specs & Info
Handle Type: Snub-Nose Half-WellsBlanks: R8 Core Technology®
Fighting Butt: Only on 5wt9’6″ & aboveAction: Fast
Reel Seat: Anodized w/Ziricotta wood, up-lockingSections: 4
Warranty: Lifetime against defects in materials or workmanshipCountry Of Manufacture: USA
Guides: Fuji Ceramic Stripping, Hard Chrome SnakeWeight: 2.6-4oz

2. Hardy Ultralite NSX (Runner-Up)

  • Pieces: 4&6
  • Available Sizes: 2wt 7ft 4pc, 3wt 7ft 4pc, 3wt 7ft 6in 4pc, 3wt 8ft 4pc, 4wt 6ft 6in 4pc, 4wt 7ft 6in 4pc, 4wt 8ft 8in 6pc, 5wt 7ft 4pc, 5wt 9ft 6pc
  • Action: Medium to Medium-Fast Action
  • Pros: Hyperlight, super-accurate casting, perfect action & feel
  • Cons: Expensive, Less Versatile

The Hardy Ultralite NSX is one of the most beautiful trout rods on the market right now. What makes it so spectacular for trout specifically is that it’s unbelievably light.

I know a lot of rods call themselves “Ultra Light”, but Hardy really isn’t exaggerating when they named this rod. It’s easily the lightest rod on the market.

Whether you go for a shorter 2-weight or a bit heavier 5-weight, when you pick this rod up and have it in your hand, you’ll know what I mean.

Not only is it ridiculously light, it also has great action. Not too fast, and not too slow, lending the medium to medium fast action. When casting you can feel the road load well into the midsection, and it still has enough punch to deliver line in wind.

If you’ve got $900 to spend on a rod, this is the one. As it comes in 4-piece and 6-piece variations, it could’ve also topped our list as the best travel fly rod in 2024, but instead, we went with the Hardy Aydon as it’s a bit cheaper. Both are absolute killers in the trout rod categories. Nicely done Hardy.

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Hardy Ultralite NSX Specs & Info
Handle Type: Reverse Half-WellsBlanks: High Modulus Sintrix®
Fighting Butt: NoAction: Medium-Fast
Reel Seat: AsymmetricalSections: 4-6
Warranty: Lifetime Worldwide ($75 Repair)Country Of Manufacture: Korea
Guides: Titanium Stripping, Recoil SnakeWeight: 1.5-2.2oz (Very Light)

Why I Chose It

The Hardy Ultralite NSX tops my list of the best fly rods for trout fishing because of how it feels in hand. It’s just so light, so responsive and so incredibly accurate and I love the action that these blanks have. They’re perfect.

3. Maxcatch Premier (Best Budget Trout Rod)

Pieces: 4
Available Sizes: 8’4″3wt, 8’6″4wt, 9’5wt, 9’6wt, 9’7wt, 9’8wt
Action: Medium to Medium-Fast Action
Pros: Super cheap but not garbage build, casts well, nice design
Cons: No real warranty, not great service

me holding my Maxcatch PremierFly Rod

I know, people love hating on Chinese companies making Chinese rods, but few of those people realize that many of the top producers of fly fishing gear, including Orvis and Sage, outsource a lot of their rod building or at least componentry to the far east.

The Maxcatch Premier rod isn’t going to compete anywhere close to the Hardy Ultralite, or even the rods lower down on this list that cost less than the Ultralite, but you know what… this rod will cost you less than $120 with a reel or around $170 with pretty much everything you need to start fly fishing.

Maxcatch Avid as part of the full combo kit
My full Maxcatch Premier Fly Fishing Combo on the floor

I have this rod in my arsenal, and I also have some rods that cost upwards of $1,000. I’m not saying that the Maxcatch Premier is the best I have, but it’s not the worst either.

Maxcatch also has some cheaper rods like the Maxcatch Extreme that you can get for less than half the price. But having fished both of these, and quite a few other Maxcatch products, I recommend the Premier as the best budget trout fly rod.

There are cheaper out there, but the value this rod offers is pretty incredible. It casts well, the cork is decent quality and I’ve had mine for a few years now and it’s still going strong.

If you’re looking to just get into fly fishing for trout, or you’re looking for a backup trout rod in case yours breaks, then look no further than the Maxcatch Premier.

Maxcatch Premier Specs & Info
Handle Type: Half Wells Blanks: Green. Pure IM8 30T Carbon Fiber
Fighting Butt: No Action: Fast (Actually Feels More Medium)
Reel Seat: Aluminum Double Uplocking w/Carbon Fiber Sections: 4
Warranty: 3 Year Limited Country Of Manufacture: China
Guides: Chrome Snake & Stripper w/ Ceramic Sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

Why I Chose It

To me, this rod is at the goldilocks point for budget trout rods. It’s not so cheap that you’re getting absolute garbage, but it’s still super affordable. It’s a great rod with a great blank and it comes with a reel. For the price, it’s very hard to beat.

4. Orvis Clearwater (Best Mid-Range Trout Fly Rod)

Pieces: 4
Available Sizes: 2-12wt, 7’6″-11’4″
Action: Medium to Medium-Fast Action
Pros: Great value, excellent warranty, known brand
Cons: Fighting butt not available on all nymphing-sized models

Orvis Clearwater Setup

The Orvis Clearwater made this list as the best mid-range trout fly rod because it is such a great value. Coming in at under $300 (or around $420 with a reel and line), this rod has everything you need in a trout rod, and the wide range of sizes offers a ton of versatility.

If you go in the 2-4wt range, you can start getting up to some 10′ and 11’4″ rods which have a fighting butt and are perfect for euro nymphing.

We’ve fished the Orvis Clearwater range extensively in a lot of different weights and are always amazed at how well these things cast for the price. This is the best mid-range trout rod on the market for many years running, but it’s also the best value in my opinion.

Compare At:
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Orvis Clearwater Specs & Info
Handle Type: Full Wells Blanks: Black Nickel Aluminum
Fighting Butt: Yes (On Euro Nymph 10′ Rods) Action: Medium
Reel Seat: Downlocking Anodized Aluminium Sections: 4
Warranty: 25 Year Limited Country Of Manufacture: USA
Guides: Chrome Snake & Stripper w/ Ceramic Sizes: 2-12wt / 7’6″, 8’6″, 9′, 9’4″,9’6″, 10′

Why I Chose It

I chose the Orvis Clearwater as the best mid-range trout fly fishing rod on this list because this is probably on of the most loved rods on the market thanks to its great value and castability. Ask anyone who owns one (including me), it’s hard to believe you can get this quality of rod from Orvis for such a great price.

5. Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter (Best 3-Weight Trout Rod)

  • Pieces: 4
  • Available Sizes: 7’6″3wt, 8’6″4wt, 5,6,7,8wt9′, 5,7wt10′, 5,7wt 11′,
  • Action: Moderate-Fast Action
  • Pros: Great value, extra tip section, casts well, good warranty
  • Cons: No nymph-specific 10’3wt or 10’2wt,
Moonshine Drifter II Fly Rod

Moonshine Rod Co. makes fantastic fly rods, including the The Drifter II 3-Weight. This rod comes in a 7′ 6″ length, making it perfect for hitting up small streams.

The short length allows you to load the rod quickly so you can get your fly out there without too big of a back cast. The price point is solid as well.

I personally wish that Moonshine also made a 10’3wt or 10’2wt with a fighting but in this line-up specifically for euro nymphing. Even though they have their dedicated nymph rod in the Epiphany II, it would be nice to have that versatility in The Drifter lineup.

Moonshine The Drifter Specs & Info
Handle Type: Reverse Half-WellsBlanks: High Modulus Anti-Glare
Fighting Butt: Yes on 6,7,&8wts, & 11′ ModelsAction: Moderate-Fast
Reel Seat: Anodized Copper & Burled WoodSections: 4
Warranty: No-Fault LifetimeCountry Of Manufacture: Korea
Guides: SiC Stripping, Light Wire Single-FootWeight: 2.3-5.4oz

Why I Chose It

The Moonshine Drifter fly rod made our list as the best trout rod in the 3-weight category because it offers such incredible value. This is a high-quality blank that comes in a variety of lengths and casts like a dream. It also comes with a great warranty and an extra rod tip, which adds to the overall value.

6. Sage Trout LL (Best 4-Weight Trout Rod)

  • Pieces: 4
  • Available Sizes: 3wt7’9″&8’9″, 4wt8’6″&9′, 5wt8’6″&9′, 6wt9′
  • Action: Medium-Fast Action
  • Pros: Excellent Warranty, High-Quality Materials, classic finish
  • Cons: High price tag
Me holding Sage LL Fly Rod

Sage produces some incredible pieces of equipment. The Sage Trout LL rod has a delicate touch, and the medium action makes it great for just about any type of fishing you want to do.

It’s ideal for making close casts and for throwing smaller flies on light tippet. This is ideal for the angler who wants a little more backbone in their nymph rod.

4-weight is the optimal weight for a trout rod. It gives you flexibility for not overpowering smaller trout, and it’s still able to land large trout or even mid-sized bass. The Sage Trout LL Series is top-notch and is my favorite fly rod combo for trout. (If you’re looking for a full setup, I’ve listed it below.)


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Sage Trout LL Specs & Info
Handle Type: Snub-Nose Half-WellsBlanks: Konnetic HD®
Fighting Butt: NoAction: Medium-Fast
Reel Seat: Uplocking Walnut w/BronzeSections: 4
Warranty: Lifetime ($30 Processing Fee)Country Of Manufacture: USA
Guides: Fuji Ceramic Stripping, Hard Chromed SnakeWeight: 2.06-2.62oz (Very Light)

Why I Chose It

The Sage Trout LL could actually compete as one of the best top-end trout rods out there, but I chose it as the best 4-weight on this list because the 4-weight offers that sweet spot in the Trout LL line-up where it’s the action isn’t so fast that your casts have to be perfect, and the feedback you get to the hand at this weight is phenomenal.

7. Orvis Helios 3F (Runner-Up Best 5-Weight Trout Rod)

  • Pieces: 4
  • Available Sizes: 9’4,5,6,7,&8wt, 7’6″3wt, 8’4″3wt, 8’6″4&5wt, 9’6″6wt, 10’4,5,6,7,&8wt, 10’6″3wt
  • Action: Moderate-Fast Action
  • Pros: Incredibly accurate, high quality blanks & materials, great warranty
  • Cons: High price tag
Orvis Helios 3F Fly Rod

After the Sage R8 (listed above) The most versatile fly rod weight in the 5 weight category is the Helios 3F. This rod will allow you to land massive fish on a river or even smaller sized bonefish on saltwater. It’s the Goldilocks of rod weights.

The 5 weight 8’6″ Orvis Helios 3F is close to the best 5-weight fly rod for trout fishing. Not only is this rod extremely accurate, but it also offers unparalleled finesse and feel. The Helios F was made to put a dry fly inside a coffee cup from 40 feet away.

This is the ideal rod for just about any angler who wants to drop the money for it. This is a great rod for big rivers. It’s not the best choice for smaller water.

Compare At:

Orvis Helios Specs & Info
Handle Type: Snub-Nose Half-WellsBlanks: Helios 3 Technology
Fighting Butt: Yes. On 6-12-weightsAction: Fast
Reel Seat: Type III Anodized Aluminum w/Carbon InsertSections: 4
Warranty: 25-yearsCountry Of Manufacture: UK
Guides: SiC/Titanium Stripping, REC Recoil SnakeWeight: 2.06-3.75oz

Why I Chose It

We’ve fished the Orvis Helios 3F and Helios 3D for many years and extensively here at IntoFlyFishing. If you’ve seen our review, you’ll know that we love this rod because it’s super accurate, feels great in hand, and is a versatile rod.

8. Orvis Clearwater (Best 6-Weight Trout Rod)

  • Pieces: 4
  • Available Sizes: 2-12wt, 7’6″-11’4″
  • Action: Medium to Medium-Fast Action
  • Pros: Great value, excellent warranty, known brand
  • Cons: None for the 6-weight Clearwater
Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod in Hand

The Orvis Clearwater is a great 6-weight rod that can handle just about anything you throw at it. It has the backbone to throw large flies along with the ability to reel in big trout.

Danny, one of our anglers, has this setup in a few weights. He’s fished it for years and still loves it.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod and Reel
Team Member Danny’s Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod. One of his favorites.

Feel free to throw big streamers with this rod, or you could even drift small midges through runs. The 6 weight is very diverse and can do just about anything. Plus, with the Clearwater, like all Orvis rods, you get their 25-year guarantee.

Getting a bit big for the smaller trout, the 6-weight is still a great offering if you know you’re going to rivers where monsters lurk. Orvis makes some of the best 6-weights, and their Clearwater has won many of our top fly rods by weight contests.

Check out our full hands-on review of the Orvis Clearwater fly rod.

Compare At:

Orvis Clearwater Specs & Info
Handle Type: Full Wells Blanks: Black Nickel Aluminum
Fighting Butt: Yes (On Euro Nymph 10′ Rods) Action: Medium
Reel Seat: Downlocking Anodized Aluminium Sections: 4
Warranty: 25 Year Limited Country Of Manufacture: USA
Guides: Chrome Snake & Stripper w/ Ceramic Sizes: 2-12wt / 7’6″, 8’6″, 9′, 9’4″,9’6″, 10′

Why I Chose It

The 6-weight of the Orvis Clearwater line is probably my favorite in the lineup. We’ve fished a lot of different weights, but I love the way the 6-wt 9ft and 6wt 9’6″ rods cast. They’re a dream. And for the price, they’re almost impossible to beat.

9. Orvis Helios 3D (Best 7-Weight Trout Fly Rod)

  • Pieces: 4
  • Available Sizes: 9’4,5,6,7,&8wt, 7’6″3wt, 8’4″3wt, 8’6″4&5wt, 9’6″6wt, 10’4,5,6,7,&8wt, 10’6″3wt
  • Action: Moderate-Fast Action
  • Pros: Great for long casts, high quality blanks & materials, great warranty
  • Cons: High price tag
Orvis Helios 3D

This is getting a bit big for trout, but there are plenty of anglers who like to do some salmon fishing and trout fishing with the same rod or on the same trip. If that’s the case, then you really can’t go wrong with the Helios (if you have the cash).

On top of being one of the most accurate fly rods ever built, the Helios 3D allows you to throw big flies long distances in order to reach monster trout.

The popularity of throwing big mice patterns at night has picked up, and a 7 weight rod will allow you to haul in big browns while also allowing you to cast accurately and with distance.

This is the rod for the trophy anglers out there. Sure, you could bring in a big trout on a normal-sized wooly bugger with a 5-weight rod, but a 7-weight rod is more efficient.

Orvis Helios 3D Specs & Info
Handle Type: Snub-Nose Half-WellsBlanks: Helios 3 Technology
Fighting Butt: Yes. On 6-12-weightsAction: Fast
Reel Seat: Type III Anodized Aluminum w/Carbon InsertSections: 4
Warranty: 25-yearsCountry Of Manufacture: UK
Guides: SiC/Titanium Stripping, REC Recoil SnakeWeight: 2.06-3.75oz

Why I Chose It

Like the Helios 3F (the F stands for “Finesse”), the 3D (for “Distance”) is a great 7-weight trout rod for punching across huge rivers in windy conditions to huge trout. It’s definitely overkill for any normal-size trout, but if you’re fishing to monsters in difficult conditions like Jurassic Lake, then you’ll want the backbone of this rod to power through.

10. Sage ESN HD (Best Euro Nymphing Trout Rod)

  • Pieces: 4
  • Available Sizes: 2,3,&4wt10′, 3wt10’6″
  • Action: Medium
  • Pros: Great build, excellent warranty, best-in-class blanks
  • Cons: High price tag, no fighting butt, down-locking reel seat
Sage ESN HD Euro Nymph Rod

There is a league above all other euro nymphing rods in 2024 and that league only has two real players, the T&T Contact II and the Sage ESN HD.

In our list of the best Euro Nymphing Rods, the Sage ESN HD was squeezed out by just a hair. We’ve fished both of these rods extensively and purposefully tested them in a variety of nymphing situations and the ESN HD just feels a bit more delicate, a tad more accurate and there’s more response transferred to the beautiful cork handle.

Sage ESN Fly Rod with Cortland 444 Level Line
Me Reviewing & Testing The Sage ESN HD Fly Rod

Of course, when you’re talking about rods in the thousand-dollar range, you expect them to be perfect. The Sage ESN is just that.

I do think that Sage should’ve built this rod with the option of a fighting butt and an uplocking reel seat (which are pretty standard for top-of-the-line euro nymphing rods these days), but it just casts so well that it still gets our top spot.

Compare At:
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Sage ESN HD Specs & Info
Handle Type: Half Wells Snub-NoseBlanks: Matt Black KonneticHD Technology
Fighting Butt: NoAction: Medium
Reel Seat: Downlocking Anodized AluminiumSections: 4
Warranty: Lifetime Original OwnerCountry Of Manufacture: USA
Guides: Fuji Ceramic Stripping, Chrome Single Foot SnakeSizes: 10′ 2wt, 10′ 3wt, 10’6″ 3wt, 10′ 4wt

Why I Chose It

I chose the Sage ESN HD as the best euro nymphing fly rod for trout because it’s an absolute beast of a euro nymphing rod. It’s light, responsive, accurate, and oh-so-beautiful. We’ve fished this rod a lot here at the team and it’s our favorite euro nymphing rod for 2 years running.

BONUS: Sage Foundation Combo (Best Trout Rod Combo)

  • Pieces: 4
  • Available Sizes: 4,5,6,7,8,&9wt9′, 7wt10′
  • Action: Moderate-Fast Action
  • Pros: Great value Sage outfit, an awesome warranty, feels great
  • Cons: No 1, 2, or 3-weights available
Sage Foundation Rod

The Sage Foundation 4wt 9′ Combo kit isn’t the cheapest, and it’s not the most complete (it only comes with a rod, reel, rod case, and line), but it has one of the best Sage trout fly rods. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and is arguably the best reel of 2024 for trout.

If you have the money to spend, then the Sage Foundation Combo is the way to go. You could get it in the 3wt to 7wt sizes, but for trout, I love the 4wt 8’6″ model. It’s truly a world-class trout fly fishing setup.

Sometimes the best way to buy a trout fly rod is to get it as part of a set with everything you need. If you’re looking to get into the sport for cheap, then you may want to check out the MaxCatch Premier Fly Rod Combo, which has everything a new angler could need for a great price.

But if you’re going to be in the sport for a while, sometimes it’s best to go big or go home and get top-quality products and lifetime warranties right off the bat. That’s where the Sage Foundation Series comes in.

This is easily one of the best fly rod combos on the market today for any weight and any species of fish.

Compare At:
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Sage Foundation Specs & Info
Handle Type: Snub-Nose Half Wells (4-8wts), Full Wells (6wt) Blanks: Matte Black Graphite IIIe Technology
Fighting Butt: Yes (Only on 6wt) Action: Fast
Reel Seat: Uplocking w/Black Anodized Aluminum Sections: 4
Warranty: Lifetime Limited Country Of Manufacture: USA
Guides: Chrome Snake & Ceramic Stripping Sizes: 9′ 4-9wts, 10’7wt

Why I Chose It

Not a lot of rods offer a combo kit where you also get a reel and some line, but the Sage Foundation does and it’s a great kit with a beautiful reel and great Rio Gold fly line. The rod isn’t quite as high quality as the Trout LL and is Sage’s more entry-level lineup, but it’s still a great value considering what you get.

What Makes a Fly Rod Good For Trout?

Trout fly rods are usually in the 1-6 weight range with a length of 7-feet 4-inches to 11-feet 6-inches.

These rods are typically very responsive, offering good feedback to the handle of the rod, and a nice delicate tip to protect lighter tippets that are often needed for trout.

When fishing for trout in smaller streams and rivers, presentation is everything. So a good trout fly rod will have great accuracy and will allow you to present the fly delicately on the water surface, even at casting distances further than 60 feet.

How to Target Trout with a Fly Rod

Below, I’ll go over a few different strategies you can use when targeting trout with a fly rod. Feel free to use these the next time you hit up a trout stream.

Fly Fishing For Trout with flies


This is a great way to target the surface of the water while also banging the bottom. You want a larger fly on top so it can support your nymphing fly. Typically a big dry or hopper works well.

Your dropper will be tied off using tippet from the shank of your dry fly. Whatever works best in your area can be used as the dropper.


Swinging is a very easy technique to learn and is also incredibly effective, making it great for novice anglers as well as some of the experts out there.

You’ll cast your wet fly at a 45-degree angle downstream from you. Allow the fly to drift through the current and keep a tight line to ensure you can detect any strikes.


During the summer, there are few to no hatches occurring. So, your best bet is to tie on some sort of terrestrial and have at it.

Depending on the river, you could tie on a beetle, spider, floating ant, or hopper. If fish aren’t rising, then you could go subsurface. A Squirmy Wormy or San Juan is always a great bet. Same with sinking ants.

Pro tip: Tying your own flies gives you the flexibility to tie the sizes you need for whatever your fly rod setup is. Plus, you can hone the colors and attractors to make them irresistible for the trout in your area.

Fly Rod Reviews

Best Weight for a Trout Fly Rod

Below, I’ll go over three different weights that are the most useful for trout fishing with a fly rod. Each has its own pros and cons, so ensure you read carefully and pick the right one.

Cutthroat Trout on a Fly Fishing Rod being released

3 Weight

The 3 weight is ideal for throwing small flies that need to have a delicate presentation. Smaller dries and nymphs work well on this weight.

Typically you’ll be fishing in smaller streams with this weight. However, you can find some longer rods that are 3 weights and are made specifically for nymphing big rivers.

4 Weight

The 4 weight fly rod has seen a resurgence in the past few years. Many anglers are now purchasing longer 4 weight rods and using them to effectively nymph currents.

A lighter rod allows them to cast smaller nymphs more effectively, and a longer rod allows for better mends as well as drifts. The extra length also allows for extra reach.

5 Weight

This is the classic trout rod size. The 5 weight is very versatile and makes a great rod size for anyone who wants to be able to use multiple tactics while trout fishing.

Sure, different sizes specialize in different techniques, but few of them can do everything well enough to warrant one rod. If you could only use one rod to trout fish, it should be a five weight.

Features of the Best Fly Rods for Trout

Below, I’ll go into more detail about what makes the best fly fishing rods for trout. Take a look and see which ones are the best fly rods for trout fishing for your style of fishing.

7 weight fly rod good for fly fishing trout


The length of your rod all depends on what techniques you plan on using, as well as where you plan on fishing. Longer rods are great for mends and reach, but won’t work well on skinny water.

Fishing in the mountains or anywhere that requires short casts requires a shorter rod. Shorter rods load quicker and allow you to make those quick casts.


Most fly rods are made of either graphite or a nano-silica resin. Both of these have their own pros and cons, and knowing them can benefit your decision.

Graphite is light, sensitive, durable, and cheaper than nano-silica. The resin is essentially the graphite in pencils. It’s better in just about every way except for the price tag.


A four-piece fly rod is ideal for trout fishing, especially if you plan on getting a rod that is 9′ or longer. This is because of how much easier it is to travel with.

Fly Rod Cork on Table

However, if you want to get a one-piece rod that’s longer than 8′, then be prepared to keep it safe during transit.


Fly rods come in three different actions: slow, medium, and fast. You’ll find that the action of the rod is where it begins to bend.

Slow action rods bend at the base of the handle. This is great for small water. Medium action bends in the middle and is a solid all-around rod. Fast action rods bend at the tip and are great for big fish and flies.


This is a debated topic in the fly fishing world. Many anglers feel that the balance of your rod and reel is pivotal to ensuring your success, while others think the opposite.

However, we all agree that the reel should at least be somewhat balanced on your rod. You can test this by setting your index finger an inch below the grip of the rod and letting it balance on the tip of your finger.

Swing Weight

The swing weight of a fly rod refers to how the rod feels in your hand while you rotate it back and forth in the casting stroke and how the inertia of your movement loads the rod blank. A good rod will fell right to you. The swing weight is a subjective experience that we as fly anglers have with each rod we cast.

Nymph-Specific Rods

One of the best ways to fish for trout is Euro Nymphing and for this, you need a good Euro Nymphing Rod. These rods are typically 2,3, and sometimes 4-weight and are 10′ to 11’6″ in length.

Trout fishing with a euro nymphing rod is a blast and super effective. If you’re looking to catch a lot of trout, consider looking for some ESN (European Style Nymphing) rods.

FAQs About Trout Fly Rods

What is the best fly rod for trout fishing?

The Sage R8 Core 5 weight fly rod is the best fly rod for trout fishing, followed by the Hardy Ultralite NSX Fly Rod. This is our pick after reviewing, testing, and comparing many trout rods on the market.

What makes a good trout fly rod?

Trout rods are typically in the 1-weight to the 6-weight range and have a length of around 7 feet all the way to 11-feet 6-inches. A good trout rod will have good accuracy and allow the angler to present flies delicately to spooky trout in clear streams and rivers.

Who makes the best trout rods?

Hardy, Orvis, Sage, and Scott make some of the best fly rods for trout fishing in 2024.

What features are important on a good trout fly rod?

Action and swing weight are the most important features of a good trout fly rod. A medium to medium-fast action will enable you to cast at a distance while still remaining accurate and delicate, while the swing weight refers to how the rod loads and how it feels while casting.

Can you use any fly rod to fish for trout?

The answer to this is yes. You can fish for trout with pretty much any fly rod. But the best sizes of fly rods for trout fishing are 3-6 weight rods.

What fly line should I use with my trout fly rod?

The fly line you should use with your trout fly rod depends on the weight of your rod. Generally, when pairing a fly line with a fly rod and reel, you want to make sure they are the same weight. So if your rod is a 5-weight, you’ll want to have a 5-weight reel and a 5-weight fly line. For trout fishing, there are trout-specific fly lines and the most popular is a weight-forward (WF) floating fly line.

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A trout rod for fly fishing will allow you to throw all different types of flies: dries, nymphs, streamers, or anything else you enjoy.

So, if you’re ready to start trout fishing, then use the list above as a jumping-off point. Then, head out to your local fly shop to pick one up!

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Guide To The Best Fly Rods For Trout
The Best Fly Rods for Trout

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