The best fly fishing sling packs are going to be the ones that can carry all the gear you need. Then depending on what you need specifically, you can adjust the pack you pick to either be larger or smaller.

Quick-Look: Best Fly Fishing Sling Packs

#1 Best Sling Pack Overall: Fishpond Summit 


Having a pack that can hold all of your essential fly fishing gear is going to be crucial to your fishing comfort and organization, which is why we’re going to help you out by providing you with all the info you need.

Below we’re going to go over some of the best fly fishing sling packs that you can use on your fishing trips. On top of this, we’re also going to go over several different features. This way you know what to look for when shopping for a pack.

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Best Fly Fishing Sling Packs

Now that we’ve had a quick look at some of the packs. Let’s do a deeper dive and go more into the features that make a good fly fishing sling pack. Below, we’re going to cover five different types of the best sling packs for fly fishing.

River fishing with a good sling pack

So whether you’re fly fishing in Montana or Wyoming, or the quieter places like Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan and Arizona, you’ll want to have a decent sling pack to store away all of your fly fishing gear.

These packs will not only help you carry the gear you need but also keep you comfortable and cool on the water. Check them out. You just might find your next fly fishing sling pack.

1. Orvis Safe Passage Fly Fishing Sling Pack

  • Number of Pockets – 4
  • Pro – Different strap and loops for tools. Molded back panel
  • Con – Could use more storage. Is not waterproof

The Orvis Safe Passage pack is a great all-around bag. Just enough space to hold all your essential items while being able to hold some none essentials as well. It could use a few more pockets, but that’s nitpicking.

The strap itself has an ergonomic and cushioned design. Allowing the user to minimize shoulder fatigue when fishing. it also has a molded back that is comfortable, cool, and will keep you cooler.

There is also a hemostat sheath on the front of the shoulder strap. With also a magnetic anchor to prevent drops in the water. The inside of the bag is a bright yellow that helps you spot stray flies.

You’ll also find there is a water bottle holder on the pack. It’s positioned specifically so that you don’t have to take the pack off. All you have to do is reach behind you and pull it out.



2. Fishpond Summit (The Best Fly Fishing Sling Pack)

  • Number of pockets – 4
  • Pro – Great spots to attach gear. Fold-down fly box
  • Con – Need bigger straps. Not meant as a multi-day trip pack

The Fishpond Summit is the perfect pack for the day trip angler. It allows just enough space for someone to fit all of their day equipment in one pack. If you enjoy taking multi-day trips then this is not the bag for you.

The front of the pack comes with a fold-down fly box. Keep all the flies you need in here and flip it down to easily and quickly pick out the fly you need. Tie it right there and don’t worry about dropping it into the current.

The outside of the pack is loaded with different spots to attach tools. Attach a bar and load up on your tippet. Or attach your nippers and net wherever works best for you. A very versatile pack.

The bottom of the pack is meant to carry a water bottle. Thanks to the design of the pocket all you have to do is reach back and grab it without taking the pack off.



3. Simms Freestone Ambidextrous Sling Pack

  • Number of Pockets – 3
  • Pro – Can work on the left or right shoulder. Large main compartment for the size of the bag
  • Con – Can be pricy.

The only reason that the Simms Freestone Ambidestrous is not the best sling pack for fly fishing overall is because of the price. The Fishpond is $40 cheaper only has a few less features than this bag. If you want a great bag, then the $40 is worth it.

The inside main compartment is filled with different dividers. Allowing you to properly sort and organize all of your gear into different areas. This was you always know where everything is.

The straps can also be flipped around so that you can wear them over either shoulder. Great for the angler who may get shoulder fatigue. Now that they can easily flip over to a different side and not miss a beat.

With the pack being made of nylon your guaranteed a strong sling pack that is going to hold up the abuse you put it thought. On top of being strong, it is also water-resistant.



4. AIRSSON Tactical Shoulder Sling Fishing Bag

  • Number of Pockets – 3
  • Pro – Good price. Wide and comfortable shoulder pad.
  • Con – It’s on the smaller side. Less spots for attachments

For the price, the AIRSSON Tactical Shoulder Sling might be the best beginner fly fishing sling pack on this list. Sure, it doesn’t have all the compartments and storage space as the other. Or as many attachments, but for $18 its hard to beat.

Again, despite the price this nylon bag is very strong and sturdy. Walk through briars and brambles without fear now. There have been some complaints in regards to the zippers. The pack itself is solid.

You’ll find that the shoulder strap is also completely adjustable. Feel free to wear this in both the warm weather or in the cold while on top of your heavy clothes.

This would be a great introductory pack. Perfect for the beginner fly angler who enjoys getting out for a day or the afternoon. It carries just enough gear for that amount of time out on the water.



5. Teton Fly Fishing Sling Pack

  • Number of Pockets – 3
  • Pro – Built-in fly box. The shoulder strap can hold flies and clip-on tools
  • Con – Not waterproof. Stitching can be suspect

The outside of the Teton Fly Fishing Pack has multiple spots that you can use to attach all of the tools you need. There are also areas on the outside of the pack that will allow you to stick rod tubes or water bottles.

Sandwich between your back and back of the pack is an area where you can store a net as well. The pack is water-resistant but not waterproof. It will dry relatively quickly after becoming drenched.

There is also an area on the front of the pack that flips down in a fly station. Keep your flies in here and tie above the fly patch to ensure you don’t drop any in the water.

This is not a huge pack but is big enough to carry everything you would need for a day fishing. If you feel like you’re low on space then it might be best to start attaching some of your gear to the outside of the pack.



What Makes The Best Fly Fishing Pack Worth The Money?

This all depends on what you’re looking for in a pack. Do you want something that is going hold enough gear for a few days, an afternoon, or a full day? The same goes for the number of clips and straps for outdoor storage.

So, below we’re going to go over all of the different features that you should be looking for in a pack. First, think about what type of fishing you plan on doing and what you need in order to have a successful day on the water.


It’s not so much how many fly fishing sling pack pockets are in the pack. Instead, it’s how they are placed and are they broken down into compartments. Four pockets are great, but are there separate compartments that you keep gear?

Oak Creek Fly Fishing With a Sling Pack

You want your fly fishing sling packs to be as organized as possible so having compartmentalized pockets will help with this. You don’t want to open your main pocket and it looks like a tornado came through.

Proper gear organization is going to help you be a better and more effective angler. quickly going into your pack and finding the right fly or tool you need will help keep your fly in the water longer.


Having a pack that fits you perfectly is crucial to having a comfortable day of fishing. You want something that is going to be able to hug your body without being too loose or too tight.

Anything that’s too loose and tight is going to rub and move around, which will cause discomfort. This is especially true when you plan on fishing in both the summer and winter.

Fishing in the summertime will have you wearing a t-shirt or something else thin and light. So you won’t need your pack to be as tight. Where in the winter you may have on more layers or a heavy coat.

Water Resistance

Water-resistance is a great feature to have for a sling pack. This is no surprise, but when you’re fishing there’s a good chance you or your gear is going to get wet.

Fly Fishing with best sling packs

So why not protect your gear by having a pack that can stop water from penetrating. Ideally, you would want it to be waterproof. This is not always possible though. So someone that can repel it will help.

It’s not something that you definitely need in a pack. However, it’s very nice to have and could save you some money in the future.


If you’re a hardcore fly angler then having durable gear is crucial. Weekend warriors or other fishing extremists need strong gear that is going to hold up to water, branches, thorns, fishing hooks, and anything else.

So, a strong durable pack will be needed. Typically you’ll find that nylon will be the strongest material. That being said, it also depends on who makes the product and how it was constructed.

The strongest nylon could be used, but if the seams are all messed up then your pack is bound to break.


Just like what we talked about above. Some of the strongest and most durable material for packs are going to be nylon. Typically they’ll also come with some sort of coating. This helps with water resistance.

Best Sling Packs Material Strong Zipper Up Close

Sometimes you’ll see packs that mare made of a welded plastic type of material, or a canvas. These can be well made and strong as well. Make sure the company is known for making solid products though.

The plastic material will normally be waterproof. You just need to check to make sure that it’s waterproof at the zippers. I’ve made this mistake before and it was a big disappointment.


Having a comfortable pack is going to keep you out on the water for longer periods. Ultimately resulting in more fish caught. So, why wouldn’t you want something that is comfortable draped across your shoulder?

Look for something that has a padded shoulder strap. This will help prevent you from having nylon straps dig into your collar bones all day and will make fo such more comfortable casting.

Also, something that has mesh on the back, as well as a molded back pad, will be ideal. The mesh will help keep you cool. while the pad will prevent anything inside from grinding into your back when hiking or wading.


This is important for when you plan on fishing those hot summer days. Hiking or even wading can cause excess perspiration, and if you don’t have a pack that breathes then you’re back is going to be drenched in sweat.

Long day fly fishing with a sling pack on

Also, having a pack that breathes can do well if it’s not waterproof, just water-resistant. In case a rainstorm comes through or you drop your pack in the river then you’ll need to dry it out.

If you allow it to breathe and dry out overnight or over an afternoon will be important. Especially if you plan on fishing the next day and don’t want to lug around a wet sling pack.


Price is all relative to what you can afford and what you need. Sure, there are packs out there that are a couple of hundred dollars. Chances are they’re great, but not what you need.

So find something you can afford. While at the same time containing all the features and pockets that are important to you as an angler.

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Summary of The Best Fly Fishing Sling Packs

Now that we’ve gone over what to look for in the best fly fishing sling packs, I hope you have a better idea of what to look for. It can be overwhelming walking into a fly shop and seeing them on the wall.

Now you know what to look for though. So head on over to your local outfitter or even Amazon and check out some sling packs. They’re only going to make your fishing more enjoyable.

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Top 5 Best Fly Fishing Sling PacksThe Top 5 Best Fly Fishing Sling Packs