Our team has extensively worn, tested, and fished all of these waders and many more to bring you this list of the best fishing waders of 2022.

Of course, calling one set of waders “the best fly fishing waders” is pretty subjective. The actual usefulness of good waders will vary depending on what you’re looking for. There are many factors that you must take into account when making your selection including fit, style, suspension system, storage and more.

So, before shopping online for waders for fly fishing, picking some out, and having them delivered to your door, take your time and think about exactly the kind of fishing you plan on doing, the climate you’ll be in and what you carry with you on the water.

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Quick Look at The Best Fishing Waders

1. Orvis Pro (Best Waders Overall)
2. Simms G4 (Best Top-End Waders)

3. Redington Sonic Pro HDZ (Best Mid-Range Waders)
4. Snowbee Prestige STX (Best Value Waders)
5. Frogg Toggs Canyon II (Best Budget Waders)
6. 8Fans Waist Waders (Best Budget Waist Waders)
7. Simms Tributary (Best Cold-Weather Waders)
8. Redington Escape Zip (Best Zip Waders)
9. 8 Fans Men’s Chest (Best Cheap Chest Waders)
10. Snowbee STX Bootfoot (Best Bootfoot Waders)

Why Are Waders a Good Investment?

Waders will get you out on the water more often. You’re not always going to be able to wet wade. Rivers, streams, and lakes that feel great in July will be frigid come fall or early spring.

So, spending some money on good fly fishing waders will result in more time fishing and less time thinking about fishing.

If a cheaper set is all you can afford, then it’s worth it. Find something in your price range and get out on the water. They may not feature the same amount of pockets or clips that a more expensive set has, but at least you’re fishing.

Man Fly Fishing with a good fly fishing waders

The durability of these cheaper items may be suspect. Make sure to take proper care of them once you’ve left the water, and possibly buy a few patch kits just in case.

Now, if you can afford a solid pair of waders from a top-end brand, then you should treat those things like gold. Clean and store them properly because a nice pair of waders is expensive.

Yes, they may be more durable, but there’s nothing worse than getting a hole in a $300 pair. Check out below as I go a little more in-depth about why waders are so useful.

In the waders buying guide at the bottom of this post, I’ll talk more about all of the features to look out for and materials to expect at which price range.

Waders Give You Better Accessibility to Fishing

When wearing waders, you get to spend more time fishing. If this doesn’t convince you to start shopping for the best fishing waders, then I’m not sure what else to say.

With waders, you could be in tailwaters and spring-fed rivers fishing 12 months out of the year. Sure, the fishing may be slow in mid-January, but as a wise man once said, “You can always throw a midge.

Gear Storage

Having some fly fishing wader pockets will drastically make your fishing life easier. Most waders come equipped with a waterproof pocket that you can use to store important items such as your keys, wallet, and phone.

On top of this, you’ll find rings for hooking on your fly rod, nets, tippet, nippers, hemostat, and any other items you’d have in your fly fishing kit.

While you’ll still likely want a good fly fishing vest and a good pack for ultimate storage, your waders should also have a zippered front pouch where you can put a small fly box as well as your fly reel, fly fishing sunglasses and other gear.

Waders Offer Protection from the Elements

Waders will help keep you warm while you’re fishing on those cool spring or fall days. If you’re fly fishing in Minnesota in the winter, or even casting lines in South Dakota in the summer, you’ll want to be sure you’re protected from the elements.

An often overlooked aspect, though, is that they can help protect your skin from cuts or abrasions caused by submerged boulders or pieces of wood.

These may puncture your waders causing a tear, but it’s the first line of defense you have against mother nature. 

You’ll also want to make sure your wading boots are up to the task. So, either consider shopping for the best bootfoot waders or buy a great pair of wading boots.

10 Best Fly Fishing Waders of 2022

Now that I’ve gone over some reasons why fly fishing waders are so great, let’s go into depth on a few different products to give you a better idea of what you should be looking for.

Below are ten different waders that will help you get out on the water in all conditions and help you catch fish. In my opinion, after much research and testing, these are the best fly fishing waders you can get when it comes to value, storage, and overall quality.

1. Orvis Pro Fishing Waders
(Best Waders Overall)

  • Pros: Lightweight
  • Cons: Run long in the leg (only con for some people)

The Orvis Pro Fishing Waders are our pick for the best fishing waders on the market in 2022. Really it is a toss-up between these and the Simms G4 Pros (Below) on which are actually the best high-end waders.

A list of the best fly fishing waders wouldn’t be complete without the Orvis Pro Fishing Waders, so after years of testing they’ve made the top of our list.

Our team angler and professional fly fishing guide in New Zealand, Alex, has worn these waders out.

I mean, this guy fishes these things extensively and he’s gone entire seasons without a leak, something he’s never been able to say about any of his previous waders.

My Orvis Pro Waders
Alex fishes these waders Extensively

Alex did a full, hands-on Orvis Pro Fishing Waders Review on our blog complete with an in-depth video, so make sure you check that out to see these things in action.

These waders have superb storage, they’re breathable, can easily be folded down to be waist waders and best of all, they are super durable.

Orivs Pro Waders Specs & Info

Colors: Shadow Seams: Welded low-profile
Stocking Foot Thickness: 3 mm Material: 4-layer Cordura Shell
Warranty: 60-days full replacement Storage: Waterproof zipper pocket, size zippers, fold pocket
Hand Warmers: 2-sided fleece Wading Belt: Yes (38 mm nylon)
Gravel Guards: Yes Sizes: Short, Reg, Long, X-Long in M,L,XL,XXL



2. Simms G4 Pro Stockingfoot Waders
(Best Top-End Waders)

  • Pros: Full warranty, top quality GORE-TEX® Pro Shell material, 1-year leak protection warranty
  • Cons: More storage would be nice, price is super expensive

The Simms G4 Pro Stockingfoot Waders are a fantastic set of waders. That is, if you have the $800+ to fork out to keep yourself dry.

My own Simms G4 Waders

I listed these as the best top-end waders because they come sit on the rack with an even higher price tag than the Orvis Pros (believe it or not).

We’ve fished these waders extensively. In fact, one of our team fly fishing guides Kevin Main has fished these things for years up in Alaska, where waders truly get put to the test.

His Simms G4 Pro Waders are still going strong. Check out his Simms G4 Waders Review here.

If you’re looking for the absolute best, top-end waders, then the G4s are definitely up there.

SIMMS G4 Specs & Info

Colors: Slate Seams: Front & Back Leg Seams Welded
Stocking Foot Thickness: 3.5 mm Material: 3-layer GORE-TEX upper/ 4-layer GORE-TEX lower
Warranty: 60-Days Replacement, 1-year Repair Storage: Waterproof zipper pocket + opt. pocket attachments
Hand Warmers:Micro-fleece lined Wading Belt: Yes (38 mm nylon)
Gravel Guards: Yes Sizes: S(7-8) to XL (9-11) in Short, Regular & Long



3. Redington Sonic Pro HDZ
(Best Midrange Waders)

  • Pros: Can convert to waist wader, very high-quality, very leak-resistant
  • Cons: High price tag

The Redington Sonic Pro HDZ are the best mid-budget fly waders on this list for a reason. Although they still come in at a bit higher of a price range, they’re well worth the investment.

These are Redington’s top-of-the-line fishing waders, and they’re built with the best materials and have one of the best warranties on the market as well. 

Redington Sonic Pro HDZ Waders

Seeing as these are chest waders, they also won the spot as the best chest waders 2022 has on the market.

Note: These are stockingfoot waders, so make sure to check out our guide to The Best Wading Boots for Fly Fishing before purchasing a pair of boots to go along with them.

They’re made of a 3 layer waterproof and breathable fabric. They’re slightly stiffer than some of the other waders I’ve tried on this list, but they feel like they have a better quality because of it.

They also feature a reinforced lower leg for increased durability. All in all, these are probably the most difficult waders on this list to damage or puncture.

The neoprene boots are high density, and there’s also a fleece-lined hand warmer pocket. Internally there’s a flip-out zippered pocket in the chest that is waterproof and can be used to store breakables.

Testing Redington Sonic Pro HDZ Waders

It also comes with a wading belt as well as gravel guards to help keep you safe in the water.

If you don’t feel like having your waders chest high, then you can use the opposing buckle to turn them into comfortable waist-high waders. That’s ideal for keeping you cool on those warmer days out on the water.

They also have handwarmer pockets and airflow technology to ensure they’re breathable in warm weather while still keeping you warm if you’re fishing in cooler seasons.

The pocket in front is large enough that it can hold a small fly box as well as some leaders, floatant, and a few other smaller items you might need for a day out.

Redington Sonic Pro HDZ Specs & Info

Colors: Clay Seams: Welded stitchless
Stocking Foot Thickness: 3.5 mm (4 mm bottom) Material: 4-Layer nylon fabric + durable water repellent (DWR) coating
Warranty: 1-year free replacement, 1+year $60 repair Storage: Waterproof zipper pocket, mobile sleeve, tool dock
Hand Warmers: Zippered, 2-sided fleece Wading Belt: Yes (38 mm nylon)
Gravel Guards: Yes Sizes: S, MS, M, ML, MK, LS, L, LL, LK, XLS, XL, XXL



Prestige STX Best Value Waders4. Snowbee Prestige STX Waders
(Best Fly Fishing Waders for the Money)

  • Pros: Quiet material, high-quality seams, double-layered hip area, great warranty, super comfy
  • Cons: Could use more storage

The Snowbee STX Waders have recently become one of my favorite sets of waders. I love the slightly fuzzy material that keeps them quiet while you’re out on the river.

Definitely, the biggest pro to these waders is the quality of materials used. Snowbee might not be as well known as some of the other brands on this list, but they’ve been in the waders-making game for many years. These waders show off some of the best features of any on the market.

Double-seamed hips and ankle areas ensure that these waders won’t puncture or leak easily, and they have an excellent warranty to back them up. All of the seams are made using the highest quality sealing tape on the market, and the reverse suspender buckle means you can easily adjust them into hip waders if you want.

Danny Testing & Reviewing Snowbee STX Waders

These are some of our favorite waders on the market. To see why, check out our full, hands-on Snowbee STX Waders Review.

Snowbee Prestige STX Specs & Info

Colors: Clay Seams: 24% nylon, 59% polyester, 17% polyurethane
Stocking Foot Thickness: 4 mm, 3-panel neoprene Material: Soft-touch DWR w/Vapour-Tec® breathable membrane
Warranty: 1-year manufacturer default Storage: 2 waterproof zippers
Hand Warmers: Zippered, 2-sided fleece Wading Belt: Yes (fully adjustable elastic)
Gravel Guards: Yes Sizes: XS, S, M, MS, ML, L, LS, LL, XL, XLS, XXL, MK, LK, XLK


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casting on a river5. Frogg Toggs Canyon II
(Best Budget Waders)

  • Pros: 4 ply durable upper, super comfortable, great build quality, great price
  • Cons: Could be more breathable, chest pocket not fully waterproof

The Sonic Pro HDZs are the best waders 2020 and 2022 has to offer, but when it comes to pure value for money, you really can’t beat Frog Toggs Canyon II fishing waders. Our team has put these fly fishing waders through the wringer for years and can vouch for their durability.

Looking for fishing waders reviews? Full Hands-On Review of Frog Togg Waders

These waders feature 4 ply uppers that are durable and can stand up to just about anything you can throw at them.

orvis clearwater casting river in BC
Our Team Angler Danny Loving His Frogg Toggs

The 4 mm double tapered neoprene booties, on the other hand, seem to have issues with leaking. Most likely from the stitching around the top of them where they meet, the waders can become faulty. These aren’t the most expensive waders, so be careful when ordering them.

The Canyon II also features a waterproof zippered chest pocket where you can keep essential items, such as a small fly box, nippers, leaders, or anything else you need.

There’s also an adjustable wading belt that comes with it. With this, you can ensure a tight fit across your midsection, and you can loosen it if you plan on wearing thermals beneath your waders.

The Y back suspenders give a snug and comfortable fit and also have some quick-release buckles.

The bottom of the waders has gravel guards as well as lace hooks, giving your feet as much protection as possible.

A lot of people also love the Frogg Toggs Hellbender waders, but we’re still on the Canyon train!

Frogg Toggs Canyon II Specs & Info

Colors: Clay Seams: Welded stitchless
Stocking Foot Thickness: 4mm Material: 4-ply nylon
Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer Defect Only Storage: Splashproof zipper pocket
Hand Warmers: No Wading Belt: Yes
Gravel Guards: Yes Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL



Testing Breathable 8Fans Waist Waders6. 8Fans Waist Waders
(Best Budget Waist Waders)

  • Pros: Comfortable, Come with Knee Pads, Cheap
  • Cons: Pants run long (again, not always a con), booties not well-fitted

If you’ve seen our post all about the best budget waders on the market, you’ll know that we don’t always think you need to spend a lot of money on fly gear, particularly if you’re just starting out.

I’ve had A LOT of different waders in my day, from $600 pro guide waders to cheap, $50 waders, and the 8Fans Waist Waders are some of my favorites I’ve ever had.

These waders are cheap… I mean cheap. At under $100, I doubt you’ll ever find a quality pair of waders for this price anywhere else.

I’ve worn these waders for the past year and a half and while yes, I did have one leak, that was after a rough day of bushwacking through thorn bushes where I think any waders would have gotten a puncture.

I sealed up the tiny hole with a little wader repair kit and since then, they’ve been going strong for almost a year.

People like to bash 8Fans because they’re made in China, but here’s a news flash, about 90% of all fly fishing gear is either made in China (yes even your favorite brands), or at least some parts of it are assembled there.

These waders have a nice zipper pocket around the waste, they come with knee pads that are super comfortable and they’re relatively breathable. 

me holding a nice trout with 8fans waders
Me fly fishing in Slovenia with my 8Fans Waders

The main cons with these waders are that the booties aren’t really fitted to your foot. They don’t bunch in the boots or anything but they definitely don’t feel as good as Orvis Pro booties for example.

Also the warranty with 8Fans sucks. Just 30-days if you haven’t used them at all. I’d like to see 8Fans come out with a better warranty for sure, but still… they’ve lasted for me and I’d buy them again.

8Fans Waist Waders Specs & Info

Colors: 2-Tone Grey Seams: Double-layer reinforcement taped
Stocking Foot Thickness: 4mm Material: 2-layer breathable nylon w/3-layer knee & knee pad
Warranty: 30-days, Unused only Storage: Waterproof fold out zipper pocket in the waist
Hand Warmers: No Wading Belt: Yes (38 mm nylon)
Gravel Guards: Yes Sizes: S, M, L, LS, XL, XLS, XXL



Simms Freestone (Best Top-End Waders)7. Simms Tributary Stockingfoot Waders
(Best Cold-Weather Waders)

  • Pros: 4-layer lowers, super high-quality material and build
  • Cons: No inside waterproof pocket

The 3-layer upper and 4-layer lower on the Simms Tributary Stockingfoot Waders provide excellent durability for fishing in rough conditions. Ideal for fishing in the mountains or on rivers, the Tributary waders will hold up to whatever you and mother nature can throw at them.

Simms Tributary Waders

They feature a fleece-lined hand warmer that can be used as extra storage and a zippered chest pocket that can be used to hold your fly fishing gear.

There’s not much else in the way of storage on these waders. If they had a waterproof inside pocket for some extra storage, then I think for sure they would have squeaked their way into my list of the best fly fishing waders 2022.

Due to having a bit less storage, you’ll have to pack light or wear a fly fishing vest (which most anglers have in their kit anyways).

Simms Tributary Specs & Info

Colors: Tan Seams: Welded stitchless
Stocking Foot Thickness: 3.5 mm (4 mm bottom) Material: Waterproof polyester 3-layer upper & 4-layer lower
Warranty: 60-Day Replacement, 1-year Repair Storage: Attachment for interchangeable, flip-out pocket options
Hand Warmers: Reach-through fleece lined Wading Belt: Yes (1.5″ woven nylon)
Gravel Guards: Yes Sizes: S(7-8)-XXL(11-13) in Regular, Short & Long



Danny Testing Our Redington Escape Waders8. Redington Zip Waders
(Best Zip Waders)

  • Pros: Unisex (with waist belt)
  • Cons: A bit less durable than the more expensive brands, No storage

While the Orvis Pro Waders also have a zip wader orientation, we love the Redington Zip Waders because they come in at a much lower price point and the zipper design is a bit better.

Our team angler Danny has fished these Redington Escape Zip Waders for a very long time and he loves them. They’re still going strong even though he’s been bushwhacking with them in Arizona, Colorado and in many other states around the US.


We’ve done a full, hands-on Redington Escape Zip Waders Review on the blog and you can watch the video of that review here.

We’ve fished these in ice cold weather and they were warm enough, and we’ve fished them in the summer and they’re breathable enough.

Our Own Redington Escape Zip Waders

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of zip waders, we love these ones and can recommend them after a lot of use.

Redington Escape Specs & Info

Colors: Boulder / Slate Seams: Welded stitchless
Stocking Foot Thickness: 3.5mm Material: 3-layer upper and 4-layer lower
Warranty: 1-year Manufacturer Defect Only Storage: Only size zipper pockets
Hand Warmers: Zippered, 2-sided fleece Wading Belt: Yes (38 mm nylon)
Gravel Guards: Yes Sizes: S, M, MK, ML, MS, L, LK, LL, LS, XL, XXL 



9. 8 Fans Men’s Chest Waders
(Best Cheap Chest Waders)

  • Pros: Large range of sizes
  • Cons: Short leg design won’t fit everybody, not fitted boots

Ranging in sizes from small to XXXL, the 8 Fans Chest Waders have a size for just about anybody. On top of that, these are also 100% waterproof and breathable. They’re made of 3-ply material using the 8 Fans drying technology, which allows sweat to leave but doesn’t allow water in.

8Fans Breathable 3 Layers Chest Waders review

The material is also abrasion-resistant and tear-resistant. These are durable waders for fishing at this price.

The H back of these waders is easily adjustable to make a nice snug fit, or they can be loosened if you happen to wear layers.

They also feature a waterproof zippered internal pocket that’s specifically made to hold a phone, keys, or anything you don’t want to be exposed to the water.

The waders also come with a mesh storage bag that’s perfect for the angler who goes immediately back to the truck after fishing but needs to be able to dry out their waders.

Simply slide them into the bag and they’ll be dry and ready to go the next time you’re ready to go out.

These are lightweight waders that are ideal for fishing in warmer or hot weather. Thanks to being fully adjustable, though, you can wear your thermals underneath and stay warm.

Our 8Fans Breathable 3 Layers Chest Waders

The team has used these waders extensively and we have a full hands-on 8Fans Chest Waders Review and video on the blog. 

These waders are great, especially for the price. For me, they weren’t as comfortable as the waist waders. For some reason, the legs seem super short to the crotch on these, so they don’t fit normal body styles all that well.

Just make sure you check their site for measurements and diligently measure your inseam before ordering.

Also, for some reason, 8Fans has 2 chest waders (we’ve worn & tested both) and one has the waist strap going right through the chest pocket making it difficult to get in and out of the zipper pocket while fishing.

If you’re going for 8Fans chest waders, be sure to purchase the “X-Back” version (linked above and below) and not their regular version.

8fans chest waders compared

Either way, these things are durable and for the price, you can’t go wrong. These are some of the best cheap chest waders on the market today for sure.

8Fans Chest Waders Specs & Info

Colors: 2-Tone Grey Seams: Double layer taped reinforcement
Stocking Foot Thickness: 4mm Material: 3-Layer nylon fabric + Extra Knee Layer & Pad
Warranty: 1-year Manufacturer Default Only Storage: Waterproof zipper chest pocket
Hand Warmers: No Wading Belt: Yes (38 mm nylon)
Gravel Guards: Yes Sizes: S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL



Our STX Waders Fresh Out of The Box10. Snowbee STX Bootfoot Waders
(Best Bootfoot Waders)

  • Pros: Include high-quality, neoprene-lined PVC boot
  • Cons: None. I love these waders.

Like I said, I’ve fished teh Snowbee STX Waders a lot and I love them. These are the bootfoot version of the Snowbee STX Waders that I listed above under “the best value waders”, so you know that these are also a great price.

Danny Testing & Reviewing Snowbee STX Waders

Considering they include the boots (which often cost $200-$400) these are arguably an even better value. And Snowbee didn’t scrimp on the boots either. These are comfortable, high-quality PVC boots with great grip.

Just like the stockingfoot version, these have great storage, the whisper quiet material and are built to last. I’ve had mine for nearly 2 years and they’re still going strong.

Snowbee Prestige STX Specs & Info

Colors: Clay Seams: 24% nylon, 59% polyester, 17% polyurethane
Stocking Foot Thickness: 4 mm, 3-panel neoprene Material: Soft-touch DWR w/Vapour-Tec® breathable
Warranty: 1-year manufacturer default only Storage: 2 waterproof zippers
Hand Warmers: Zippered, 2-sided fleece Wading Belt: Yes (fully adjustable elastic)
Gravel Guards: Yes Sizes: XS, S, M, MS, ML, L, LS, LL, XL, XLS, XXL, MK, LK, XLK



3 Best Women’s Waders 

While most waders have a unisex fit (more on wader fits below), some of the best fishing waders are built with a women’s body frame in mind. These waders for women contour better to a woman’s body and will be slightly more comfortable than wearing unisex waders.

Orvis Women's Ultralight (Best Waders For Women)1. Orvis Women’s Ultralight
(Best Womens Waders)

  • Pros: Best fit for women, super high-quality, stretch belt included, removable suspenders
  • Cons: Price

Orvis doesn’t just make men’s fly fishing waders. The women’s variation of the Orvis Ultralight waders are arguably better than the men’s version.

They’re comfortable, super durable, and of high quality. The stretch belt helps to keep them close to the body, which is great for the overall fit and also for staying warm in the water. Plus, you can clip things to the belt if you want.

The outer shell of these waders is 100% nylon with a polyurethane breathable membrane and microporous coating. The liner is 100% nylon tricot, which is a very high-quality material.

The only con is the price. This is one of the more expensive pairs of waders on this list, but it’s worth it for women who want great quality and an excellent fit.

These waders are available on Amazon with Prime shipping for speedy delivery. Just make sure you choose the right size, as each listing on Amazon is for a specific size.

Orvis Women’s Ultralight Specs & Info

Colors: Storm Seams: Low profile w/ reinforcement in high stress areas
Stocking Foot Thickness: 3 mm Anatomical Material: 4-layer waterproof breathable nylon shell
Warranty: 60-Day Replacement, 1-year Repair Storage: Chest Pocket, Internal Pocket, Tool clip
Hand Warmers: Zippered, 2-sided fleece Wading Belt: Yes (1.5″ mm nylon)
Gravel Guards: Yes Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL in Petite, Regular, & Tall 



2. Simms Women’s Freestone Waders

  • Pros: Great fit for women, high-quality, good price
  • Cons: Missing some features of the Orvis Ultralights

The Simms Women’s Freestone Waders are an excellent, high-quality pair of women’s waders for a decent price.

They aren’t cheap, but they’re built to last with Simms great warranty to back them up. They are built with more flexibilty in the chest and lower back for added mobility, fine-tuned to female anglers’ movements.

Simms Women’s Freestone Specs & Info

Colors: Striker Grey Seams: Welded stitchless
Stocking Foot Thickness: 3mm Material: Multi-Layer Toray Fabric
Warranty: 60-Day Replacement, 1-year Repair Storage: Zippered top stash pocket, add-on attachment
Hand Warmers: Fleece-lined reach-through Wading Belt: Yes (38 mm nylon)
Gravel Guards: Yes Sizes: S,SF,M,MF,L,LF,LS,XL



Redington Women's Sonic-Pro Waders3. Redington Women’s Sonic-Pro Waders

  • Pros: Great fit for women, high-quality, good price
  • Cons: Poor Redington Warranty On Waders

They’re another great set of women’s waders for the money, and you really can’t go wrong with the Redington Women’s Sonic-Pro Waders.

These waders are designed with female waders in mind while keeping the price down, but they don’t compromise on quality of build or durability.

They’ve been built with a 4-layer waterproof/breathable DWR coated outer shell as well as patented SonicWeld seams, which hold up to a lot of wear and tear.

Redington Sonic Pro HDZ Specs & Info

Colors: Clay Seams: Welded stitchless
Stocking Foot Thickness: 3.5 mm (4 mm bottom) Material: 4-layer, 100% nylon, waterproof/breathable, DWR coated
Warranty: 1-year Manufacturer Default Only Storage: Chest Pocket & interior drop-in mesh pocket
Hand Warmers: Fleece-lined Wading Belt: Yes (38 mm nylon)
Gravel Guards: Yes Sizes: S, M, L, XL in Regular, Short, Long & Full



Watch the Video

*Note: Items in the video differ from those in this blog post. The video will be updated soon. This post is the most up-to-date for 2022 waders.

How to Choose the Best Fly Fishing Waders

Your waders will be your first line of defense against the outdoors. They’ll keep you warm as well as help you keep your skin free from any cuts or abrasions that might occur in the water or on the way down.

It’s important to know what type of waders you’re buying so you know what will and won’t protect you.

Types of Fly Fishing Waders

There are three types of fly fishing waders: stocking foot, boot foot, and hip waders. Each of these has its own set of positives and negatives. So, below I’ll go over each, and hopefully, you’ll be able to tell which ones are the best for you.

Stocking Foot Waders

Stockingfoot waders are waders that come with neoprene booties on the bottom. Stockingfoot waders aren’t meant to be worn without boots. You’ll find that breathable stockingfoot chest waders are usually the most expensive models on the market.

Man on river wading and fly fishing

People like them because of how strong and dependable they are, and the use of a wading boot increases stability on the water.

Bootfoot Waders

These aren’t usually your high-end wader. That being said, there’s always an exception.

These are made with a boot already attached to the bottom that’s typically made of rubber. They’re great for the angler who only goes out a few times a year and doesn’t walk in very slippery conditions.

If this is the route you’re going, you’ll want to make sure you get breathable boot foot waders.

Hip Waders

There are two different types of hip waders. Either they look like pants with suspenders that come up to the waist, or they’re two very long boots that come up to just below your waist. These usually come with a connected boot.

Typically, these aren’t the most comfortable or stable waders. Some people prefer them, though, because they’re lightweight.

Chest Waders

This is the most typical type of wader design with the wading material coming up to cover your chest. 

These waders are usually slightly warmer, but also cover more of your body so that you can go deeper in the water. These waders are also better for float tube fishing.

What Makes a Good Pair of Fly Fishing Waders?

There are several different factors you must look at before purchasing your waders. First, though, you should think about what type of fishing you plan on doing.

Are you hiking in the mountains for brook trout? Then, mobility and durability are key.

Take a second to think about where you’ll be fishing and what you need. Take a look at the list below to help narrow your list down.


The material that your fly fishing waders are made out of can have a huge effect on their breathability, comfort, durability and maneuverability, which are a few of the main things that make the great waders I’ll be listing next.

So, what is the material that waders are usually made from, and which will be the best for you? Here’s a quick look at these materials.

Neoprene Waders

Neoprene waders are a bit clunkier and heavier than their more breathable counterparts, but they’re great for cold water. Neoprene is well insulated, so if you plan on always fishing in colder climates, then these may be a great option for you.

Breathable Waders

Typically, breathable waders are made out of waterproof compounds such as Gore-Tex or Dri-Plus. These are always my waders of choice because they’re easier to move around in, are more lightweight, and you can still add layers of clothes beneath them if you’re fishing in colder weather.

Breathable waders do tend to cost a bit more because materials like Gore-Tex are typically a lot more expensive. But if you have the money to spend, they’re worth it for their versatility and lighter weight.

Rubber Waders

Rubber waders are cheap, but they’re heavy, they don’t breath and they are not comfortable at all. I highly recommend not buying any waders made of rubber material.

They’re trash and that’s why I didn’t include any on this list.


This is important if you plan on fishing during any type of warm weather. Walking around in waders regardless of temperature can trap heat and make you hot and sweaty quickly.

If you plan on walking a lot, then look for something with increased breathability.

Men’s vs Women’s Waders

Female fly anglers rejoice! Finally, wader manufacturers are starting to produce waders that are meant to fit women specifically. If you’re shopping for women’s waders, there are a few manufacturers that excel in making a comfortable fit for women.

Having said that, most of the above waders listed are unisex and will fit women comfortably as well. Waders in general aren’t usually very contoured to the body, so the unisex fit is almost universal.


Waders come in a size that’s a general fit. Most also have straps and wading belts that can be adjusted to give a closer fit.

Long cast with waterproof waders in a lake fly fishing

This can make you feel more comfortable. If they don’t have adjustable straps, then you could feel like you’re wearing a potato sack instead of waders.

I also consider convertibility an important part of adjustability when it comes to waders. What I mean is that certain waders are designed to easily convert from chest waders to hip waders.

Simply unclip the suspenders and reclip them around your waist to have a cooler, more comfortable pair of hip waders while you’re in the river.

Seam Reinforcement

This is an important one. Your seams are one of the spots where a leak is most likely to spring.

This is especially true on cheaper waders. Look for anything on your wader’s box that says seam reinforcement. Having this will save you a headache in the future.


Most waders have just enough room to hold a few non-fishing items such as a phone, keys, and a wallet. This is followed by the essentials of fishing.

Most likely your waders will have two pockets in them. Some waders, however, come with a few extra. You should be purchasing whatever will work best for you.


Keep in mind that there are some great waders out there for under $100. If your budget is closer to $50, then know that you’ll have to take extra special care of them to ensure that the seams don’t rip and no holes appear in them.

If you want something expensive, then that doesn’t mean you can write off taking care of them, but typically they’ll be more durable. Find something that works in your price range. If you’re willing to spend a fortune on pro waders then go for it, but you can still get a great pair for under $100.

Note: You can click any of the buttons or links in this post to check current prices on Amazon.


More expensive waders are made better. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of them, though. Still make sure to air dry and rinse with cold soapy water. If you can’t afford expensive waders, then look for waders that have 3-4 layer protection.

Female Fishing River with Fly Fishing Waders


With their 60-day replacement policy and 1-year leak repair warranty, Simms easily has the best waders warranty in the business. Very few waders come with a warranty that will cover leakage or user damage at all.

The best warranties on waders are offered by just a few brands. These are Simms (60-day replacement plus 1-year full warranty), Orvis (1-year manufacturer warranty), and Redington (lifetime manufacturer faults).


Comfort all depends on what you like. What’s comfortable to me isn’t to you and vice versa. Ideally, though, you’ll want something lightweight, breathable, and fully adjustable. After all, you don’t want to overheat on the river or feel too constricted.


This is very similar to comfort, but even more important to many anglers. Being able to easily move freely in your waders is vital for casting with tight loops and fishing for long days in difficult spots.

I’ve had my fair share of neoprene waders that just weren’t pliable enough to allow for a full range of movement. This is where Gore-Tex really shines.

With a good pair of thin, breathable waders, you’ll generally have a lot more freedom of movement and you’ll be able to fish more effectively without being weighed down by thick wader materials.

Best Fishing Wader Brands

There are more brands of waders than I’ve listed in this post. Here’s a more exhaustive list of the best wader brands overall. You can click any of the brand names below to shop for their waders on Amazon, where most brands are able to ship to your door within a day with free returns.


Best Waders FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about waders for fly fishing answered quickly and concisely to help you make a decision.

What Are the Best Bootfoot Waders?

After testing many, I believe that the Snowbee Prestige STX Bootfoot waders are the best bootfoot waders.

What Are the Best Fishing Waders Overall?

Generally, you don’t have to be too concerned if waders are specifically for fly fishing or for other types of fishing unless you’re considering the best waders for surf fishing. This means that the best fishing waders are still the Orvis Pro Waders.

Why Do I Need Fishing Waders?

Fishing waders are the best way to get into those tough spots in deeper water. Most are chest waders, which means they’ll keep you dry, even if you’re above your waist in rushing river water.

How Did We Decide on the Best Waders 2022?

Among our team of five fly anglers, we have over 120 years of experience in fly fishing, and we’ve tried and tested countless waders. This list is a culmination of hands-on testing and research to find the best waders 2022 (newly-released this year or previously).

What Are the Best Waders for Trout Fishing?

A lot of beginner fly anglers ask what are the best waders for trout fishing, but in reality, there’s not much difference in waders for any particular species of fish. As long as you’re keeping yourself dry, you’re doing alright.

Because trout can be caught in warm and cooler weather, I’d still say that the Orvis Pro Waders are the best waders for trout fishing as they’ll keep you warm and are breathable enough.

What Are the Best Chest Waders?

A lot of people are specifically shopping for the best chest waders because they expect to fish deeper water and need extra protection. The best chest waders 2022 offers are the Orvis Pro Chest Waders. If you’re looking for a cheap pair of chest waders, then the 8Fans Chest Waders are great.

We also have a post all about the best chest waders. Check it out.

What Are the Best Breathable Waders?

The best breathable waders are the Simms G3s. They’re an excellent set of waders with a great warranty. We also have a post all about the best breathable waders, so make sure you check it out.

What Are the Best Cheap Waders?

The 8Fans Waist Waders are the best cheap waders 2022 has to offer. They’re extremely high quality for the low price tag, which puts them up there as the best value waders this year. I’ve fished them for years and love them.

Review Waders for Fishing


Hopefully, you now know what your top fly fishing waders look like. They’re durable, breathable, and contain as many pockets as possible. Or, they keep you warm and are fully adjustable.

Either way, whatever you’re looking for, make sure it fits you and is right for your type of fishing.

So, go ahead and order a new pair. You can head to your local fly shop or take your measurements from home and order them online. If they don’t fit, you can always return them. Your golden pair of waders is waiting out there somewhere.

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