Best Hip Waders (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

The best hip waders will be comfortable, breathable, and won't restrict mobility while you're out fishing. After testing lots of hip waders here's my top 5 list.

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I’ve been fishing in the southern US around Virginia for my entire life and as you can imagine, I don’t need waders for warmth and when I do wear them, I typically go for hip or waist waders.

Quick Answer: The Best Hip Waders

Best Hip Waders Overall: Frogg Toggs Rana

Over the years, I’ve gone through my fair share of waist waders and it wasn’t so long ago I was in the market for a new pair and so I found myself Googling around to find the best hip waders like you probably are doing today.

This led me down a path of testing, reviewing, and comparing countless hip waders to narrow this list down to the absolute best fly fishing hip waders on the market in 2023. I’ve tested and reviewed a lot of these here on the blog, or some of our other team anglers have done the testing.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of hip waders, check out the information below. I’ll go over several different brands and materials so that you know exactly what kind of waders you need for your next trip.

Note: This post was updated in 2023 to include newly released hip waders and those that we recently got our hands on for reviewing and testing.

What Are Hip Waders?

Hip waders are wading pants used for fishing, hunting, and fly fishing, that come up to the hip and run under, but don’t cover, the groin area.

Not to be confused with waist waders, which are simply wading pants that cover everything up to your waist, hip waders are more like extended boots with straps that hook over your belt to hold them up.

The Best Hip Waders of 2023

Below, I’ll go over five of the best hip waders for value, comfort, breathability, and durability. Each of these has its own pros and cons, so check out the following products and see which ones will work best for you.

1. Frogg Toggs Rana Hip Waders: Best Hip Waders Overall

Pros: Include a high-quality boot. Multi-sport versatile.
Cons: Could use more arch/ankle support

Frogg Toggs Rana Hip Waders being worn in a swamp for testing

The Frogg Toggs Rana are great waders for the price. Coming in at under $70, this pair of waders could be used as an introduction to the sport by a beginner angler. With the price being so low, you don’t have to worry about spending too much.

reviewing and testing the Frogg Toggs Rana Hip Waders in a swamp.

These things can be beat up. I mean, you can walk them through thick brush, prickle bushes, and thorns and they’ll keep on keeping the water out. That’s the bonus of having that thick PVC rather than thinner Goretex material.

The boots on these aren’t insulated. So, keep that in mind if you plan on fishing in colder weather or in cold water. They are better suited for fishing in warmer waters.

Why We Chose Them

After much testing and comparing, the Frogg Toggs Rana hip waders took the number one spot on our list of the best hip waders because they’re high quality, breathable, have great boots, and find them to be perfect for different types of fishing and other sports.


2. Kylebooker Hip Waders: Best Value Hip Waders

  • Pros: Waterproof and 100% breathable
  • Cons: A little bulky
Kylebooker Hip Waders hung with a studio background

If you want a pair of Kylebooker Breathable Hip Waders that breathes just like their chest waders, then these are the ones for you. You can easily hike up and down the river all day while staying cool and refreshed, unlike you would in a pair of rubber hip waders.

The neoprene socks are 4 mm and are designed to help keep your feet warm while you’re standing in the river. They’re perfect for those days where the water is just a little bit chilly and you need your toes to have feeling in them.

These also come with 3-ply reinforced shins and knees, allowing you to walk around the river and stream with confidence that if your waders get a hole in them, your shins are protected.

Why We Chose Them

The Kylebooker Breathable Hip Waders made our list as the best value hip waders because they are breathable, affordable, comfortable and have great neoprene booties.


3. Frogg Toggs Canyon II: Best Midrange Hip Waders

  • Pros: Attached gravel guards with lace hooks
  • Cons: The inseam can run long for some people
Frogg Toggs Canyon II hip waders standing with a wood background

I’ve owned the Frogg Toggs Canyon II chest waders for years and they are still going strong and their Frogg Toggs Canyon II Hip Waders are also solid waders if you’re looking for a reasonably priced pair of hip waders.

They are a lot more breathable than many others on the market and they’re great for fall, spring, and cool summer mornings.

You’ll find that these waders also have a very convenient and easy-to-use belt located right at the top. It’s really easy to clip on and off and allows you to quickly slide your waders on and off.

These are very diverse waders too. You can easily use them for hunting and hiking as well. They’re lightweight and functional, so they won’t wear you down during a day of fishing.

Why We Chose Them

My Frogg Toggs Canyon II waders are some of my favorites and the Frogg Toggs Canyon II Hip Waders are made with the same material and have many of the same features, like thick booties and breathable material. These are a solid set of hip waders.


4. Bullfrog PVC Hip Waders: Best Top-End Hip Waders

  • Pros: Super durable and strong 3-ply construction.
  • Cons: Not that breathable. High price tag.
Bullfrog PVC Canvas Hip Waders with a paper background

The Bullfrog PVC Canvas Hip Waders are super thick and durable and you can feel when you pick them up that they’re a great high-end hip wader.

These waders look great, then feel good when they’re on and they have comfortable boots attached which is great.

wearing and testing the Bullfrog PVC Canvas Hip Waders in a winter pond

My main issue with these is that they’re pretty heavy so not ideal for long days of hiking, they’re great for cold weather but not overly breathable in the heat, and lastly they are pretty steep for hip waders at over $135.

Why We Chose Them

The Bullfrog PVC Canvas Hip Waders are a great heavy-duty wader if you find yourself bushwacking a lot and you don’t want to get punctures easily. They may be heavy and thick, but they are durable.


5. TideWe Hip Waders: Best Budget Hip Waders

Pros: Durable and grippy cleated boots attached. Comfortable. Durable.
Cons: Not that breathable.

standing in a forest wearing the TideWe Hip Waders

The TideWe Hip Waders are another pair of PVC hip waders that are super durable, come with the boots attached, and have easily adjustable straps, but coming in at under $40, these are in a price range all their own.

It’s hard to find a pair of wading boots for under $100, so the fact that TideWe was able to produce these hip waders for under $40 and include the boots is pretty amazing.

The TideWe Hip Waders sitting on a wooden table in the shop.

These are perfect for fly fishing, spin fishing, hunting or just about any outdoor activity that requires waterproof legs and they are durable too. The PVC material isn’t that breathable, but you can walk through thick forest and trust that these will still be waterproof.

Why We Chose Them

I chose the TideWe Hip Waders as the best budget hip waders because they are well-made, come with boots included and still manage to keep a sub-$40 price tag. That’s pretty amazing.


Why Are Waders a Worthwhile Investment?

Waders can make or break a fishing trip. A good pair of waders will allow you to get to just about anywhere in the water that’s walkable. They’ll also keep you wet and comfortable all day.

On top of that, they’ll keep all your gear and other important stuff dry. Many different waders have sealed dry pockets that you can utilize to keep your phone, keys, and wallet from being sprayed with water.

So, below, I’ll go into a little bit more detail to help you understand all the benefits that waders can provide. Check out some of the features and see which ones you like best.

Keeping You Dry

If you plan on spending a whole day out on the water, then chances are you’re going to get wet. More often than not, you’ll need to wade through knee-deep water to get back to the plunge pool or run in the river.

So, that’s where waders come in handy. A pair of waders will keep you dry and comfortable. Sure, you can wade in a bathing suit or quick-dry pants, but when you get out of the river to hike to your new spot, you’ll be walking with extra weight because of all the water.


On top of keeping you dry, waders also give you an extra layer of protection against anything in the river that may cut you. What might be a bad cut in a pair of shorts might just be a small scrape in waders.

When walking the river, you’ll find there are a lot of different hazards, such as boulders, sunken trees, and just about anything the river could throw at you. So, having that extra layer can make the difference between something small and large.

Keeping Valuables Dry

Most waders have a dry pocket. It can be used to hold all of your important non-fishing gear that can’t get wet. Most pockets are large enough to hold a phone, wallet, and keys.

Two fly fisherman casting out their line in hopes to catch steelhead on the river

You can keep them in your dry bag if you want, but pockets are usually a little bit easier to access. So, when you need to pull out a phone to take a photo, it’ll be within easy reach.

Hip Waders: Buyers Guide

Below, I’ll go over in more detail what you should be looking for when purchasing the best hip waders. Check out the information below and see which features will work the best for you.

Types of Fly Fishing Waders

Below, I’ll go over the three different types of fly fishing hip waders. Each has its own pros and cons, so check out the list below and see which ones you like best.

Stockingfoot Waders

These have neoprene socks on them and are meant to be worn with wading boots. So, you’ll have to purchase boots as well as your waders. They’re great at keeping your feet warm, and the boots you purchase can fit you perfectly.

Boot Foot Waders

These are waders that have boots already attached to the waders. They’re great because they’re usually the best budget hip waders, and you also don’t have to purchase any boots with the waders. All you have to do it slide them on and you’re ready to go.

Hip Waders

These are what I’ve been talking about. They’re waders that come right up to your hip. These are great for wading in shallow water and typically allow the wearer to have great mobility.

Hip Waders Important Features

Check out the list below. I’ll go over some of the most important features of hip waders.


If you plan on fishing in warm weather and hiking a lot in them, then a pair of breathable waders is crucial.

A huge salmon jumping out of the hands of a fisherman

Hiking back to your favorite spot in a pair of neoprene waders will overheat you if the weather is too hot.


Most hip waders have straps on them for you to adjust your waders to fit more comfortably. I don’t recommend getting waders that don’t have any straps. They’ll be uncomfortable.

Seam Reinforcement

If you want durable waders, then you need to find something that says on the packaging that the seams are reinforced. The seams are one of the biggest spots where leaks can come from.


Pockets are not needed, but can be a great asset when out on the river. You can keep your flies, tools, or any other essentials in them. It can be great to keep your phone and wallet in them too, as long as they’re waterproof.


The good thing is that they’re normally the best affordable hip waders. Most are under $100, so they’re great for beginners or the angler on a budget who’s looking for the best inexpensive hip waders. However, if you want a really nice pair, then you can find some that are $100 or more.


It doesn’t matter if you fish four days a week or just a few times in the summer, you need a pair of waders that are durable. Otherwise, you’ll be buying a new pair every season, and you’ll be wasting money.


If your waders aren’t comfortable, then your fishing experience won’t be as much fun. Always look for straps that make them fit you better. If you don’t have a comfortable pair of waders, then you won’t be out fishing as much.

FAQs About Hip Waders

What is the difference between hip waders and waist waders?

Hip waders are like extended boots that strap over your belt and don’t cover the groin area, while waist waders fit just like a pair of pants, completely covering your legs and waist.

How long do hip waders last?

Usually, a good pair of hip waders will last 3-4 seasons. If you buy hip waders that are made with PVC, Rubber, or Canvas, they might last even longer, but they won’t likely be as breathable or comfortable as Gortex and breathable Nylon.

What should I look for when shopping for hip waders?

The most important considerations when selecting a good pair of hip waders are durability (how long they’ll last), comfort (how much mobility you have), and breathability (how well the waders breathe and wick moisture.

Do you wear pants under hip waders?

Generally, you can wear any pants you want under your hip waders. Jeans actually work quite well, but a breathable pair of pants like hiking pants or hunting pants will likely be more comfortable and help wick moisture away from your legs.

Do you wear shoes with hip waders?

These days, a lot of hip waders come with built-in boots, so you don’t need to ruin your good shoes. There are also some stockingfoot waders on the market, which require a wading boot to be worn over top of the neoprene socks.

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Hip waders for fishing are a great tool for anglers. They help keep you dry, as well as your valuables. So, if you plan on bringing your keys, phone, and anything that can’t get wet, a pair of waders is the way to go.

On top of keeping you dry, they also help protect you from the elements. They don’t only keep you warm in the cold water but also protect your legs from boulders and fallen trees.

So, after reading the above information, you hopefully see the benefits of purchasing a pair of hip waders. Think about what you need in a pair of waders, use the above article, and check out Amazon for a pair of your own!

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