Quality and affordable fly rods aren’t always easy to find. Companies often choose one or the other. Trying to find the right option when you’re entering the world of fly fishing isn’t easy and the research required to find the right fit often seems overwhelming. There are companies that do make it feasible and well worth your time.

Snowbee Classic

If you like what you see in this Snowbee Classic 7′ 3/4wt review, you can order the rod on Amazon.


The Snowbee Classic is very high quality and more than affordable. For less than $200 you’re going to get a rod that’s going to work for a variety of different conditions. It’s a perfect rod to keep in the car and always have on hand for your next fishing excursion.

I’ve had the opportunity to test out a variety of rods from Snowbee. While they’re a European company, they’ve found their way into American fly fishing. The Snowbee Classic is a great option for the everyday angler. No matter your skill level, the Classic will work for you.

Snowbee Rod Reviews

Why Trust My Snowbee Classic Review?

At Into Fly Fishing, we only review gear that we’ve personally tested. Fly fishing gear is a big investment and we value your money as well as time. We understand how much research goes into choosing the proper equipment and hope that these reviews help.

snowbee classic fly rods

I’ve owned two Snowbee Classic rods and regularly use both of them. The 3/4 weight 7′ is a great creek fishing rig. It’s a blast to use and gives you a chance to truly test out your skills.

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What’s in The Box?

When you receive the Snowbee Classic you’ll get the rod tube, a rod sleeve as well as the rod itself. The 3/4 weight 7′ rod tube is extremely small and will travel well. If you find yourself on a road trip or hoping to sneak some fishing in on a family vacation, take the 7′ classic with you and it’ll work just fine for you.

Snowbee Classic Review Features & Specs

The Snowbee Classic 7′ 3/4 weight is one of the more unique options for an affordable fly rod. The materials used are common in higher end rods and the performance backs up the makeup.

Order the Snowbee Classic

If you like what you see in this Snowbee Classic 7′ 3/4wt review, you can order the rod on Amazon.


Build Quality

The Snowbee Classic is a high modulus graphite rod. It has an A-grade cork handle, a lightweight black aluminum reel fitting. The lined stripper rings, high lift snake intermediates and oversize hayfork tip rings all create a better performance.

snowbee classic rod review

It’s a moderate fast action rod so you’ll find that versatility is the name of the game. It can throw streamers, nymphs and dry flies. The delicate presentation you can achieve with this rod is second to none.


You’ll find that Snowbee makes a wide variety of weights available for the classic. You’ll find everything from a 2/3 weight to a 7/8 weight. Snowbee gives each rod two weights so it makes it easier for anglers to use a variety of reels. If possible, choose the line that is on the heavier side. It’ll make the casting process a bit easier.


Another unique aspect of the Snowbee Classic is that there are a variety of lengths you can choose from when making your decision. The 2/3 weight is only 6′ and makes for a perfect small water option. You’ll find a 10′ 4/5 rod for Euro Nymphing and a 10′ 7/8 weight.

Whatever length you need you’ll find with the Snowbee Classic. Even though it’s $150, you’ll find that it performs nothing like these rods in the price range.


All of Snowbee’s rods come with a lifetime warranty. If your rod breaks, the angler is required to pay a $40 postage fee, send the original invoice and Snowbee will replace or repair it at their discretion. It’s a phenomenal warranty and gives you the freedom to fish the rod without fear of it failing.


The Snowbee Classic is a burnt orange color with an all black reel seat. The combination isn’t the most stylish design, but it’s definitely unique. When companies take a chance with their design it’s always appreciated. Stepping out and taking a chance usually pays off!

Short Distance Casting Accuracy

Design and style are often the least of anglers worries if the casting ability isn’t what it needs to be. When fishing with a 7′ 3/4 weight, anglers need the rod to be able to cast extremely accurately within 20 feet. The Snowbee Classic performs and it performs well.

snowbee classic rod

Any spot you need to hit within 20 feet won’t be a challenge. Despite the wind or any tight conditions, you won’t have a challenge hitting your spot. If you know small water is where you’ll spend the majority of your time, then the classic is a great choice.

Long Distance Casting Accuracy

In terms of long distance accuracy, you’ll find that the 7′ 3/4 weight is somewhat limited in what it can do. A 35 or 40′ cast is where you’ll find the rod to start maxing out. Obviously, it depends on your skill level, but you’ll find that the Classic will keep up with whatever you need.

Snowbee Classic Review: My Personal Thoughts

  • The Snowbee Classic is a dependable rod. In fly fishing, dependability can mean just about everything. The confidence to fish this rod hard and put it in every type of situation is important. Companies will too often make their most affordable rods with little care.
  • The Snowbee Classic is well put together and Snowbee puts its faith behind it by giving it a lifetime warranty. This should give anglers confidence that it’s going to perform despite the affordable price tag. For $150, you’re going to be in great shape.
  • The Snowbee Classic feels good. I’ve fished the 4/5 weight on the Gallatin River in Montana and it easily handled the fast water as well as the larger fish. The 7′ 3/4 weight is no different. Fishing it on small water is where this rod will call home.
  • The design of this rod isn’t great. I’m not a huge fan of the color scheme, but the performance easily outweighs the design.

Order the Snowbee Classic

If you like what you see in this Snowbee Classic 7′ 3/4wt review, you can order the rod on Amazon.


The Snowbee Classic is a reliable and high quality rod. You’ll find that it’s a perfect rod for the majority of fishing you’re going to be doing. If you need a rod that can fish all different types of water and handle a variety of fish, then the Classic is for you.


The Snowbee Classic is fun, affordable and makes sense for every type of angler. If you find yourself looking for a rod to consistently perform and give you a lifetime of fishing opportunities, the Snowbee classic is the ideal option.