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In this post, I’ll list the best 6wt fly lines and what to look out for when buying.

A 6 wt line is going to be a step up from a 5wt if you plan on targeting bigger trout, bass, carp, and medium-sized snook and stripers. If you want a little extra weight then this is the one for you.

So, if you’re looking to move up to something bigger but not ready to commit to a 7 or an 8 weight then you’ll probably be hovering comfortably in the 6wt fly line category.

I’ll list some important features of the best 6wt fly line, as well as a list of my favorites on the market today.

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When to use a 6wt fly line

Of course, you’ll use your best 6 weight fly line along with your 6 weight rod and 6 weight reel to ensure that you have a well-balanced kit.

If you plan primarily chasing trout and bass then a 6wt is going to be the perfect size for you. It’s right in between so that it’s delicate enough to handle smaller nymphs but strong enough to handle larger streamers and poppers.

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With this, you could throw any number of flies with success and have the strength to pull in some of those big brutes. You could easily shoot streams long distances on lakes or flip out a nymph in a run.

Any body of water that holds trout and bass will be perfect for a 6wt. So, below we’re going to go more into depth on why a 6wt line is ideal for fishing for these species.

Different 6wt Fly Line Tapers

There are several different types of fly line tapers out there, but we’re going to cover the four most popular. Below, we’ll talk more about each of them and what their pros and cons are.

Weight Forward Taper (WF)

The WF taper has a heavier front section that allows for longer and more precise casts while also allowing for great fly turnover. This lets you throw just about whatever you want to throw with great accuracy.

Double Taper (DT)

This is the best fly fishing line for 6 weights for long distances and for delicately placing a fly in the water. The WF would probably be a better pick for a 6wt. However, the DT could also be an effective taper as well.

Fly Fishing Technique Casting

Level Taper (LT)

A level taper does not have any taper to it. It’s just a flat line that goes straight across. Because of this it is the cheapest line in the market. It also does not cast as well as a weight forward or a double taper would.

Shooting Taper (ST)

This would be a great streamer fishing line. You’d be able to cast further than with a DT of a WF. This way you could cover more water which is effective when fishing a body of water you’re not familiar with.

Length of 6 weight fly line

Don’t be too worried about the length of your fly line. Most rolls will come around 100 feet on them. So unless you plan on targeting some monsters then you should not be worried about a fish spooling you.

However, if you plan on targeting big fish then ensure that there is enough backing on the reel to make you comfortable. You can either do this yourself or have the guys at the fly shop do it for you when you set up your fly reel.

What Makes a Great 6wt Fly Line?

There are many different features that fly lines can have. Each of these will help you in different scenarios, but below were going to go over the four most popular.

Long day fly fishing with a sling pack on from shore

These are going to help you’re fishing in ways you might not have thought of before. So check out some of the features below and use these when looking for the best 6 weight fly fishing line for you.

Temperature Control

Since the best 6wt lines are so versatile you’ll have to keep in mind that temperature of the air and water could affect the line. With the fluctuations, your line could expand and contract which could damage the coating and durability.

So, if you’re going to be fishing in extremely hot or cold climates make sure that the line is rated for those varying temperatures.

Floating, Sinking or Sink Tip

A 6wt will allow you to throw all different types of flies. So, you’ll need to take into account what kind of flies you plan on throwing so you can match the line accordingly.

The best Floating 6 weight fly line will let you throw dries, nymphs, and streamers to shallow trout and bass. However, sometimes you need to get a little deeper in the water column and that’s where the best sinking tip 6 weight fly line and best sinking 6 weight fly line will come into play.

Specialty lines

Once you start getting into lines that a 6wt or larger you’ll notice that there are specialty lines out there. These are fly lines that are made especially for certain species of fish or custom tapers that help cast bigger flies.

So if you plan on chasing bass primarily then a bass line would be ideal. The same goes for reds, bonefish, or tapers to help you get a further cast.

Line Color

The line color is important because when tight line nymphing or throwing dries you need to see how your floating line is impacted by the current, or could be used as an indicator for a fish biting your fly. So choose something bright.

fly line color

However, when throwing a sinking line you should look for something dark. You don’t want a bright orange sinking line as that could spook fish.

Best 6wt Fly Line in 2021

Now that you know the features to look out for in a good 6wt fly line, it’s time to look at 3 of my favorites. These are based on the criteria above, as well as my personal preference.

Orvis Hydros Saltwater

The Orvis Hydros Saltwater line was created in order to meet all of the demands for saltwater anglers. There is a compound taper that was created to land flies of all sizes in all different kinds of conditions.

The front taper gives you a light presentation while the back end will allow you to cut through the wind and gives you loop stability.



Orvis Trout Line Smooth

The Orvis Trout Line Smooth is one of the best 6wt fly fishing lines for trout. The Orvis Smooth 6wt is ideal for chasing those big fish.

The 50′ foot has a very slow taper and a powerful belly. This gives you powerful casting and delicate presentations.



Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX

Similar to the Orvis Smooth, the Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX is one of the best fly lines for a 6wt and a great all-around trout line. Use it for delicate presentations or throwing larger streamers through runs and pools.

This is a half-size heavy which helps load the load more effectively. The half-size also helps turn over larger flies.




There are many different 6wt lines, but hopefully, now you have a better understanding of them. They are very versatile and catch all different species.

Now that you have a better understanding you’ll be more equipped, so go into a store or shop online for them. So, head on down to your local fly shop and pick some up!

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