Fly Fishing in South Wales (The Ultimate Guide)

South Wales – my personal angler's haven. The prime spots and expert techniques here have made for unforgettable fly fishing adventures.

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The world of fly fishing in South Wales is nothing short of remarkable. I’m Daniel O’Neill, a dedicated fly fisherman with over fourteen years of experience in the UK. 

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the finest fly fishing locations in South Wales, provide insights into the most effective fly patterns, offer guidance on reputable guide services and tackle shops, and even share some of my personal experiences.

My Experience Fly Fishing in South Wales

Southern Wales holds a special place among my favorite fishing destinations. The region offers a wealth of opportunities for fly fishing enthusiasts, with a variety of spots to explore.

Personally, I find great joy in targeting large reef pollock using fly fishing techniques in Southern Wales. The exhilarating chase of these fish adds a unique thrill to the experience.

Moreover, Southern Wales boasts an impressive stocking of wild brown trout, along with some fantastic fishing lakes. During my recent trip to this region, I had the pleasure of fly fishing in a stocked lake where I successfully caught tiger trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, and even some small perch using fly fishing methods.

A stocky rainbow trout being released from a net

In addition to stocked fisheries, Southern Wales also hosts a substantial population of wild fish, further enhancing the angling opportunities in this pristine part of the country.

Why Fly Fish in South Wales?

Fly fishing in South Wales is truly unparalleled. Anglers from around the world make the journey to cast their lines in the renowned River Taf and Wye, in addition to exploring the wealth of lakes in Wales. 

A fishing lake with mist and treeline in the background

Beyond the exceptional fishing opportunities, Wales offers a rich cultural experience, tantalizing cuisine, and a myriad of castles and valleys waiting to be discovered and explored.

10 Best Trout Rivers in South Wales

South Wales stands out as an ideal destination for trout fishing in its rivers. In this section, we’ll delve into my top ten recommended river locations where I personally encourage you to target the local brown trout in Wales.

The River Usk 

The River Usk is a well-known fly-fishing river in Southern Wales because of its breathtaking scenery and teeming populations of trout. You can get to its banks without a 4×4 and the water is usually calm and the currents are manageable. Watch the water levels, as they might change seasonally.

Greenwell’s Glory is a common fly pattern for the Usk. Anglers from all over the world travel to Wales to fish in the River Usk, which is regarded as one of the best salmon rivers in the country.

The River Wye 

One of the best rivers in the UK for fly fishing, the River Wye, covers both England and Wales. The River Wye has a body made up of both open spaces and wooded sections. For fly casting, the water is normally steady with modest currents. Check fishing laws carefully because different regulations are in place depending on the river sections.

Try patterns like the Blue-winged Olive for productive fishing on the Wye. The River Wye is renowned for spectacular limestone cliffs, which provide a great backdrop for your fishing trip.

The River Taff 

A variety of fly fishing opportunities can be found on the River Taff, which flows through South Wales and into Cardiff. The River Taff can be fished in both urban and rural regions. Watch the quality of the water, especially in populated regions as it can sometimes be too mucky to fish.

Anglers on the Taff frequently have success using patterns like the Black Gnat. The River Taff supports a variety of fish species such as trout, roach, rudd, and pike. 

The River Teifi 

West Wales’ River Teifi is well known for its crystal-clear waters and fantastic fly fishing. This river is a hidden gem for anglers seeking peace and quiet and is accessible without a 4×4.

Successful Teifi fishermen frequently employ techniques like the March Brown and the Yellow. The River Teifi is an important resource for biodiversity and conservation efforts because it is part of a Special Area of Conservation in Southern Wales.

The River Towy

Fly fishing is popular on the River Towy, which runs through the center of Carmarthenshire in South Wales. It provides opportunities to capture salmon, sea trout, and brown trout and is easily accessible without a 4×4.

Try patterns like the Silver Stoat fly for trout. The River Towy is historically significant and has been cited in Welsh literature and folklore, giving your fishing experience a touch of cultural richness.

The River Cothi 

Fly fishing is available in South Wales on the River Cothi, a tributary of the Towy, in a tranquil agricultural setting. The River Cothi’s body features stretches that pass through agricultural land and forested valleys. Fly fishing can be done in usually calm waters with controlled currents.

The Klinkhammer is an effective pattern for anglers on the Cothi. Because of its distinctive flora and fauna, the River Cothi is a recognized Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The River Cynin 

The River Cynin is a delightful fly-fishing river that may be found in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. The River Cynin is known to have fantastic caddisfly and mayfly hatches.

Try patterns like the Hare’s Ear Nymph for productive fishing on the Cynin. You can also enjoy a variety of species, including otters and kingfishers. Thankfully the Cynin does not require a 4x to access making it a fantastic spit for beginner anglers. 

The River Ely 

An urban fly fishing experience is provided by the River Ely, which flows through Cardiff and the adjacent districts in South Wales. The River Ely has both more populated areas and more isolated parts. This river can fish well, however, it is recommended to watch the quality of the water, especially in populated regions.

The Sedge is a popular fly pattern for the Ely. The River Ely has undergone extensive restoration work, and fly fishing helps to preserve both the aquatic species and this urban waterway.

The River Tawe 

The River Tawe, which runs through Swansea and South Wales can be accessed with public transport, making angling possible without the need of a 4×4.

A brown trout caught in the river

The River Tawe has both populated areas and more remote parts. With fly patterns like the Adams Irresistible being recommended by locals, Swansea’s River Tawe is well-known for its bustling metropolitan setting and cultural attractions in addition to its excellent fishing.

The River Ogmore 

South Wales’ Bridgend County, home to the River Ogmore, provides tranquil, rural fly fishing opportunities. This river is great for fishermen seeking tranquility for fly fishing. The water is normally calm with moderate currents.

Try patterns like the diawl bach nymph for productive angling on the Ogmore. An interesting fact about the Ogmore is that the river is a special area of conservation due to its variety of wildlife.

10 Best Trout Lake Lakes in South Wales

South Wales boasts an abundant number of trout lakes, perfect for fly fishing. With its picturesque valleys and mountainous landscapes dotted with abundant trout lakes, we’ll explore the top ten in this section.

Seren Lake

Lake Seren is a stunning trout fishing location in the Brecon Beacons, which is close to Brecon. This serene lake can be reached without a 4×4, making it accessible to all fly fishermen.

Traditional dry flies like the Adams and Elk Hair Caddis are some great choices for success in this area. Lake Seren is famed for its breathtaking sunsets over the lake and for its open surroundings, which make casting simple.

Lake Dwr 

A 4×4 vehicle is required to get there because there is a rough track leading up to it. Fly fishing is a great activity here at this remote lake, especially with Woolly Buggers and Nymphs. Due to the enclosed habitat, casting demands accuracy.

Lake Gwyddno 

Close to Hay-on-Wye, Llyn Gwyddno is a tranquil and convenient trout fishing location. No 4×4 is required, and a variety of flies such as the caddis are effective. The wide setting of this lake enables impaired anglers access to fish it.  

Lake Gwyddno has a fairly decent amount of trout in it which can be targeted by a variety of techniques. Interestingly the trout lake bears the name of a mythical Welsh lost kingdom.

Pontsticill Reservoir

The Pontsticill Resiviour has a fantastic stocking of brown trout in it. No need for a 4×4, it’s simple to get to, and the reservoir is well renowned for its flourishing bait fish population, which helps to grow the trout to larger sizes. 

Beginners will feel at ease casting here because of the open environment. Notably, the reservoir is a well-liked spot for sailing and other water activities.

Lake y Fan Fach 

Discover the secluded and beautiful trout fishing refuge of Lake y Fan Fach as you explore the rocky terrain of the Brecon Beacons. This lake, which is reachable by a short walk, offers fishermen a sense of adventure. 

Here, nymphs and emergers are the primary fly options, and accurate casting is crucial to reach the holes further out in the center of the lake Lake y Fan Fach is connected to a fabled lake woman in local folklore.

Lake Cwm Llwch

Llyn Cwm Llwch is a magnificent fishing location that is tucked away in the Brecon Beacons. It’s close to Brecon and may be reached through a fairly strenuous walk. 

The Hare’s Ear and Pheasant Tail Nymph are reliable options for traditional wet flies. It’s interesting to note that the sword of the Lady of the Lake is supposed to have rested in this lake.

Lake Fawr

Lake Fawr, next to Hirwaun, is a serene fishing location that is simple to get to and doesn’t require a 4×4 vehicle. The Royal Wulff is a  popular option for a dry fly on this lake.

A fly fisherman fishing at a lake

This lake is surrounded by stunning scenery, at the base of picturesque Southern Wales mountains. Overlooking the heads of the Vale of Neath and the Cynon Valley.

Lake Cwm Llwch

Lake Cwm Llwch is located in the Brecon Beacons and is reachable by a moderate walk, making it the perfect location for those who want a little adventure. The Hare’s Ear and Pheasant Tail Nymph are effective lies for this location, and the lake has some stunning mountain views.

Cosmeston Lakes Country Park

In the Vale of Glamorgan, go to Cosmeston Lakes Country Park for a tranquil yet rewarding fishing experience. Two beautiful lakes may be found in this peaceful park, which is reachable without a 4×4. 

Woolly Buggers and Diawl Bachs are just a couple of the fly designs that local anglers have had success with. Stress-free casting is guaranteed by the broad space surrounding the lakes. Cosmeston Lakes are a haven for a variety of waterfowl, making it a birdwatcher’s delight in addition to being excellent for fishing.

Lake Llandegfedd

Lake Llandegfedd has both boat and shore fly fishing for trout. There is no need for a 4×4 to access this lake and flies such as the wooly bugger fish well on it. 

When fishing this lake it should be noted that many bank anglers favor the east bank and Bill Smiths Bay because of the variety of water depths and substantially larger fish present.

Saltwater Fly Fishing in South Wales

South Wales offers a wealth of opportunities for saltwater fly fishing enthusiasts. Here, we’ve selected five prominent spots where you can enjoy fly fishing in the saltwater environment:


Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, is located at the southern tip of the country along the coast. The bustling maritime activity and urban waters of Cardiff Marina make it a prime location for fly fishing. Large shoals of mullet are attracted to the algae-rich waters of the marina, making Cardiff an excellent spot for saltwater fly fishing. Mullet are renowned for their power when caught on the fly, adding excitement to your fishing experience.


Situated on the southern coast of Wales, Chepstow is a charming town with a significant river that offers the opportunity to catch sea trout. While sea trout can be challenging to catch, the reward is well worth the effort, making Chepstow a rewarding destination for fly fishing enthusiasts.


Porthcawl is a coastal town in Wales renowned for its fishing opportunities. Along its rocky shoreline, you can try fly fishing for species like pollock and coal fish. In specific conditions, there have even been reports of catching wrasse on the fly. Porthcawl is a must-visit destination for any saltwater fly fisherman in Wales, offering diverse fishing experiences.

St. Davids

St. Davids, located at the starting point of the River Alun, is a well-known fishing location in Wales. Here, you may have the chance to catch mullet or sea trout. The picturesque surroundings and superb fishing make St. Davids a favored destination for anglers.


Fishguard, a charming harbor town in southern Wales, provides excellent opportunities for targeting bass, coal fish, and pollock. The tranquil and scenic beauty of this town enhances your Welsh fly fishing journey, making it a delightful stop for anglers seeking diverse saltwater fishing experiences.

Fly Fishing in South Wales Regions

Southern Wales provides a diverse range of fly fishing experiences to explore. In this section, we will dive into the various regions available for fly fishing in Southern Wales and the predominant fish species found in each area.

National Park of Brecon Beacons

The Brecon Beacons National Park, located in South Wales, home to a network of beautiful rivers and reservoirs that are teaming with wild brown trout and the magnificent Atlantic salmon.

A small sized brown trout

 In this region, you will find the Usk and Wye rivers, with both being renowned for having exceptional salmon runs. If your keen to catch a brown trout on th fly, this is the destination for you. 

Coast of Pembrokeshire

As you travel south west, Pembrokeshire’s rocky shoreline and crystal-clear seas offer an exhilarating setting for saltwater fly fishing for sea bass and pollock. While fishing in this region, you may take in the stunning Welsh shoreline and explore quaint villages along the coast. 

This coastline is exciting due to the numerous coves, inlets, and rock formations, making the fishing challenging but rewarding.

Peninsula of Gower

Another hidden gem for fly fishing fans is the Gower Peninsula, which has been named an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Sea trout and salmon can be found in its estuaries, which include the Loughor and Burry Inlet. 

For those wishing to combine fly fishing with adventure, the peninsula’s varied environments, from sandy beaches to limestone cliffs, creating a unique fly fishing experience.

Channel Islands of Bristol

The Bristol Channel Islands, especially Flat Holm and Steep Holm, provide great fly fishing options for those looking for an island vacation in South Wales. On these islands you can target species such as mackerel, pollock, and bass. Anglers enjoy the sense of seclusion and adventure that these islands’ offer.

The Glamorgan Vale

If you rinteretsted in targeting coarse species on the fly, this region is fo you. The lakes in this area frequently include carp, roach, rudd and tench, giving anglers an opportunity to catch a wide assortment of species. The area is a practical choice for both residents and visitors due to its close proximity to Cardiff, which is Wales capital city.

South Wales Fly Fishing – Fish Species

In Southern Wales, numerous species can be caught on the fly. In this section, we’ll discuss the primary species you can target.

Brown Trout

Brown trout are local all over Southern Wales, whether you want to fish in fast-flowing waters or stagnant lakes. These fish put up a superb fight and can grow to decent sizes.


Pike can be found in Southern Wales and can reach immense sizes. You can rent boats for pike fishing on loughs or target pike in canals or lakes from the shore. Pike require very heavy tackle, so ensure you have the right gear before trying to fly fish for them.


Mullet are renowned as one of the best fish to catch on the fly in Southern Wales. These fish are elusive and very challenging to catch as they spook easily. They are mostly found around estuaries, piers, or ports.


Pollock come in a variety of sizes, from two-inch fish to double-figure fish. Most larger pollock are caught near shipwrecks at sea, but it’s still possible to catch a double-figure pollock from the shore if you are persistent.


Garfish usually chase shoals of smelt in the summer period. You’ll want to use something slim and silver to hook these fish. They can be found zigzagging through shoal fish at piers and marinas.


Pouting don’t get very big but can almost always be caught at Welsh piers or harbors. They reach around 1lb maximum and don’t put up much of a fight. However, once you catch one, you could catch several daily quickly.


Mackerel are some of the hardest fighting fish you can catch in Southern Wales. It’s recommended to fish with a dropper for mackerel as you can hook multiple fish easily. Deep rocky marks are ideal for hooking these fish.

Best Flies For South Wales

Fly fishing in South Wales offers a plethora of excellent fly options. In this section, I’ve curated a list of my top fly picks to enhance your fly fishing experience in the region.

A fly tying vice

Dry Flies

In this section, we will discuss the best dry flies to fish in South Wales.

  • Black Gnat: Use for micro-sized, dark insect hatches, lifelike appearance, sizes 16-20.
  • Blue Dun: Opt for blue-winged olive hatches or bluish-gray mayflies, subtle coloration, sizes 18-22.
  • March Brown: Fish during large mayfly hatches in early spring, brownish-yellow hue, sizes 12-14.
  • Ant Black: Utilize near water when ants are active, versatile black pattern, sizes 14-18.
  • Blue Winged Olive: Employ during mayfly hatches, realistic, sizes 16-20.

Wet Flies

In this section, we will discuss the best wet flies to fish in South Wales.

  • Greenwells Glory: Use for emerging aquatic insects, traditional design, olive-green, various sizes.
  • Invicta: Fish during caddisfly hatches, peacock herl body, red hackle, sizes 10-14.
  • Hares Ear: Employ for general aquatic insect feeding, natural color, buggy appearance, sizes 12-16.
  • Kingfisher Butcher: Opt for spring trout hunting, blue and red, sizes 10-14.
  • Olive Dun: Use for olive mayflies, olive hue, realistic, sizes 14-18.


In this section, we will discuss the best streamer flies to fish in South Wales.

  • Golden Bullet Cat Whisker: Choose for larger predatory fish in low light, flashy golden color, pulsating action.
  • Nomad Orange: Fish when imitating small baitfish, vibrant orange, realistic movement.
  • Woolly Bugger: Utilize as a versatile pattern, imitates various prey items, lifelike movement, various colors and sizes.
  • Cactus Fly: Use for targeting trout in rivers, greenish hue, unique silhouette.
  • Ugly Bugger: Opt for aggressive strikes, unconventional appearance, rubber legs, flashy materials.


In this section, we will discuss the best nymphs flies to fish in South Wales.

  • Diawl Bach Hares Ear: Fish when imitating subsurface insects, natural look, sizes 12-16.
  • Copper John: Use to mimic caddisfly larvae or stoneflies, copper-wire body, beadhead, sizes 12-18.
  • Orange Hot Head: Employ when imitating egg-laying caddisflies, bright egg sacs, orange beadhead, sizes 14-18.
  • Prince: Opt for a general attractor pattern, peacock herl body, white wings, beadhead, sizes 12-16.
  • Riffle: Choose when imitating mayfly nymphs, realistic appearance, natural colors, sizes 14-18.

Saltwater Flies 

In this section, we will discuss the best saltwater flies to fish in South Wales.

  • Clouser Minnow: Use in saltwater for sea bass or mackerel, weighted eyes, flashy appearance.
  • Soft Minnow: Fish in saltwater for small baitfish or sand eels, soft, flexible body, realistic colors.
  • Surf Candy: Opt for saltwater species near the coast, translucent body, sparse profile, mimics baitfish.
  • Sandeel EZ Blue: Employ when imitating sand eels, blue coloration, slender profile, coastal waters.
  • Clouser Non Tangle: Choose for snag-resistant design in saltwater, weighted eyes, versatile for various species.

South Wales Fishing Season

South Wales provides fly fishing opportunities year-round, with June to September being the prime season. During this period, you can enjoy fly fishing for salmon, trout, mullet, bass, and even mackerel.

South Wales Fly Fishing in June

Fly fishing in South Wales in June is fantastic due to the abundance of trout in the waters. It’s an active season for catching plenty of trout, and the salmon have begun their migration upriver, offering excellent opportunities for anglers. 

South Wales Fly Fishing in July

July brings an exciting change to South Wales fly fishing, with the arrival of mackerel and pollock along the coast, providing great sport for fly anglers. Additionally, salmon are well inland, making their way upriver to spawn. Nymphing becomes a common practice in July on most of the Welsh rivers.

South Wales Fly Fishing in August

August sees the heat drawing mackerel close to the shore, allowing fly anglers to target them from piers or estuaries. Fishing on rivers and lakes is excellent at night, thanks to the superb hatches on the water’s surface, making it perfect for dry fly fishing.

South Wales Fly Fishing in September

September offers good fishing opportunities in Wales, as you can target almost any fish except for pike. There’s a wide variety of species to choose from, providing plenty of choices for anglers wishing to target  wider variety.

South Wales Fishing Report

During my recent trip to Wales, I had the pleasure of being guided by a local friend on one of his favorite rivers. I thoroughly enjoyed this outing as the river had a charming, rustic quality to it and was teeming with some decent brown trout, some weighing up to approximately 2 pounds, which was quite impressive considering the river’s size.

A stream caught trout

As we navigated downstream through the rapids, we skillfully employed nymphing techniques and successfully hooked fish along the river’s edges. I particularly found great success using a Copper John fly on this river. Throughout our fishing session, the fish seemed to be in a bit of a rhythm, coming and going every half hour or so. We had moments of quiet when we didn’t catch anything, followed by bursts of activity where we landed three fish in just twenty minutes.

A nice sized trout

All in all, I had a relaxing and enjoyable experience in the Welsh countryside while trout fishing, and I’m eagerly anticipating my next adventure.

Best Fly Shops in South Wales

There are many great fly fishing stores in South Wales. In this section, we will discuss some excellent options, potentially highlighting some of the best shops available.

Garry Evans

Garry Evans fly fishing store has a superb collection of fly fishing gear. Garry Evans store is your one stop shop for all things fly fishing. 


  • Address: College Row, Cardigan SA43 1LL
  • Website: N.A
  • Phone Number: 01239 621856

Located on a quaint side street, this charming fly fishing store is the perfect place to find all your fly fishing tackle. It comes highly recommended by locals.


Sportfish is a professional fishing store that can provide you with everything you need for fly fishing. Whether you’re looking for a new rod and reel setup or some basic flies, they’ve got you covered.

South Wales Fly Fishing Licenses

When fly fishing in South Wales, you’ll require a rod license, which will be issued by Natural Resources Wales. This is what you will need to know:

A close-up of a small trout

Annual Adult License: Priced at approximately £30 to £45 for a year of fishing.

Annual Junior License: Designed for young anglers under 17, costing around £6 to £10 annually.

Senior and Disabled Licenses: Seniors (65+) and disabled individuals can enjoy reduced rates, usually around £20 to £30 per year.

One-Day and Eight-Day Licenses: Short-term options are available, with a single-day license costing about £6 to £10 and an eight-day permit for £12 to £20.

It should be noted that rod prices can alter, and if you intend on fishing nonpublic bodies of water you may incur an extended fee.

Fly Fishing Guide Services in South Wales

In this section, we’ll introduce you to three of the finest fishing guides available in South Wales, experts who can significantly enhance your fishing experience.

Fly Fishing Wales

  • Email:
  • Website:

Ceri Thomas, a native of Cardiff, is an exceptional guide who specializes in helping you catch brown trout on the fly or bass using lures. You can reach out to Ceri through his social media channels or by using the email address provided above.

Steffan Jones

  • Email:
  • Website:

Steffan boasts more than two decades of experience as a fly fishing guide, having expertly navigated renowned rivers like the Taff, Usk, and Wye in pursuit of grayling and trout. Furthermore, he has a dedicated team of guides at his disposal, ready to assist anglers in their quest to catch sea trout.

Wye Valley Fishing

  • Email:
  • Website:

Wye Valley Fishing offers a range of services, including guided fishing trips and individual casting lessons. They cater to anglers of all skill levels, making it accessible for complete beginners to book lessons and learn the art of fishing. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, Wye Valley Fishing has something to offer.

FAQs About Fly Fishing in South Wales

In this section, we will address the most frequently asked questions from tourists coming to South Wales for fishing. We aim to provide comprehensive answers that will quickly fulfill your informational needs for your fishing trip here.

Are there fish in llyn y Fan Fawr?

Yes, Llyn y Fan Fawr has fish. The water is owned by a fishing club that maintains a fish farm, continuously stocking it with non-local rainbow and blue trout. Additionally, there is a good population of native brown trout in the lake. This combination of stocked and native fish provides an interesting dynamic for fly fishing in the area, offering anglers the opportunity to pursue a variety of trout species in the picturesque setting of Llyn y Fan Fawr.

Which part of the Welsh coastline is best for fly fishing?

The stretch of coastline between Aberdyfi and Tywyn is renowned for its popular bass fishing spots. Bass are considered one of the best fish to catch on the fly in South Wales due to their elusiveness and powerful aggression. It’s important to note that you do not require a license to engage in fly fishing in the sea in this area, making it an accessible and attractive destination for anglers seeking the thrill of bass fishing.

Do you need a license to fly fish in the sea in Wales?

No, you do not need a license for saltwater fly fishing in Wales. However, it’s essential to be aware that there are several protected species that cannot be targeted or kept in Wales. Additionally, there are fishing size limits in place, meaning you must adhere to these limits to ensure the responsible and sustainable management of the fishery. Complying with these regulations helps protect the marine environment and maintain healthy fish populations in Welsh waters.

What is the rarest fish that you could potentially catch on the fly in Wales?

The Arctic char is the rarest fish that you could potentially catch on the fly in Wales. This elusive species can be found in some very deep lakes situated throughout Wales. However, it’s worth noting that even many local anglers have attempted and failed to catch Arctic char, making it highly unlikely that a tourist would have the opportunity to catch one.

Do you need a permit to fish in Wales?

Yes, you need a fly fishing rod license to fish in Wales, as well as in England. These licenses can be obtained through the official website. The costs of these licenses may vary depending on your age and disability status, so it’s essential to check the specific pricing and eligibility criteria when applying for a fishing license in Wales.


Wales, overall, stands out as one of the most picturesque fishing destinations in the world. Whether you’re captivated by its scenic valleys or awe-inspiring mountain ranges, Wales has something extraordinary to offer every angler. Besides the remarkable fishing experiences in South Wales, the region boasts a rich heritage and culture that’s truly a delight to explore while on vacation.

A close up of a trout tail, caught at dark

What makes Wales even more special is its warm and welcoming people. The Welsh are known for their hospitality, and if you ever need assistance during your angling adventures, you can count on them to provide you with valuable guidance and support.

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Meet Daniel O'Neill, a writer and angler from Northern Ireland. With a love for fly fishing, he excels as a fishing guide and instructor, bringing abundant expertise to his writing. Daniel has taught beginners all over Ireland and guided anglers pursuing Ireland's mighty salmon. At the beginning of Daniel's angling journey, his fondest memories revolve around the joy of catching brown trout with his friends on his local streams. The thrill of experiencing subtle takes on a dry fly and successfully landing the fish brought them immense satisfaction, regardless of the size of the catch. Daniel's early love for fishing has paved the way for many ventures resulting in impressive catches such as bass, sturgeon, double-figure pike, and Atlantic salmon. His angling journey has taken him to various locations worldwide. Daniel has targeted saltwater bass in the Canary Islands, chub in France, carp in Poland as well as trout and salmon in Scotland. As Daniel continues to journey through the world of angling, he remains committed to sharing his experiences and knowledge through his content creation.

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