Wales Fly Shops: A List of All Wales Fly Fishing Stores

Explore our list of all the fly fishing stores in Wales โ€“ your ultimate resource for the best fly shops in the region.

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The fly shops you’ll find in Wales truly stand out, having an extensive selection of fly fishing gear, flies, and tying materials. I’m Daniel O’Neill, a UK fly fisherman with over fourteen years of experience, and in this article, we will dive into the outstanding fly fishing stores that Wales has to offer.

Welsh fly shops are characterized by their welcoming atmosphere. Nearly every Welsh fly shop I’ve had the pleasure of entering has friendly faces and invaluable local insights. In this article, we’ll discuss five established fly stores in Wales and address some of the common questions related to fly fishing stores in the region.

Wales Fly Shops

Wales is a relatively compact region, so the number of fly shops may not be extensive, but they are strategically situated around the primary rivers, lakes, and coastal areas of Wales.

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In this section, we will explore the available fly shops, their locations, websites, and additional details.

Foxon’s Tackle Ltd

As of writing, Foxons Tackle has an impressive array of discounted offers, catering to diverse fly-angling preferences. Whether you’re searching for a jaw-dropping 50% off the Greys GR40 Fly Rod or a generous 20% discount on the renowned Scott Flex Rods, Foxons Tackle deserves your attention.

Positioned as a top-tier destination for game fish enthusiasts in North Wales, Foxons Tackle proudly stands out with its comprehensive product selection, making it your ultimate one-stop shop for all your fly fishing necessities. Moreover, their commitment to customer satisfaction extends to sourcing any specific items you may require for your fly fishing pursuits.

Furthermore, Foxons Tackle is at the forefront of innovation, with their latest endeavor being the creation of a dedicated “tying corner.” This exciting addition provides a space for customers to explore the art of fly tying, inviting newcomers to join the world of fly fishing.


Sportfish is your premier destination for all things fly fishing, offering an extensive range of equipment. Right now, they’re running an outstanding promotion: when you purchase five flies, the lowest-priced is free.

Whether you’re in the market for a new rod and reel setup or just need to stock up on basic flies, Sportfish has your angling needs covered. Situated in Wye Valley, near Hereford, it’s the perfect location for fly anglers seeking an exceptional fishing experience.

Unlike any other fly shop I’ve visited, they feature a spacious thirty-meter casting pool where you can test their products before making a purchase. Additionally, their team possesses extensive knowledge of local fly fishing, and they’re more than eager to assist customers with their expertise and guidance.

Garry Evans

At Garry Evans Fly Fishing Store, you’ll discover an exceptional collection of fly fishing gear. Currently, they have an enticing offer: when you buy one of their fly rods, they’ll include a complimentary fly line with your purchase.

Garry Evans Store is your ultimate destination for all your fly fishing needs. Whether you’re looking for single-hand outfits or double-hand setups, you can find them in-store or conveniently on their website, complete with substantial discounts.

For a firsthand look at their offerings, visit Garry Evans Tackle at the Welsh Game Fair. Additionally, don’t miss their blogs and tackle reviews, which have an array of expert tips and insights associated with fly fishing in Wales.

The Fly Shop

The Fly Shop is an online-based store with its origins in Northern Wales. This shop offers a range of fly fishing products, including boxed fly selections, individual flies, and gift vouchers. They have also created unique and innovative designs, specifically tailored to assist anglers in catching fish in the Welsh waters.

To learn more about The Fly Shop, you can explore the numerous testimonials on their website or visit their blog, where you can gain insights into fly fishing in the beautiful region of Wales.


Castaway is a store located in Cardigan, that boasts an exceptional selection of fly fishing gear. Castaway has earned impressive Google ratings, such as this one: “Really impressed with this shop. Purchased a fly rod and am very pleased with the deal. Excellent service from Phillipa.” 

While they may not have a dedicated website, Castaway regularly provides valuable information, including opening times and closures, on their linked Facebook account. Although the store is relatively compact, the accommodating staff goes above and beyond to assist their customers.

FAQs About Wales Fly Shops

In this section, we’ll address some frequently asked questions related to fly fishing stores in Wales.

What is the rarest fish in Wales?

The rarest fish in Wales is a species called the gwyniad, often compared to a landlocked herring. These fish are elusive, making them an uncommon target for anglers. They can occasionally be caught accidentally by recreational trout fishermen.

Is it illegal to catch salmon in the UK?

It is not illegal to catch salmon in the UK; however, it is crucial to handle the salmon appropriately and release them unharmed back into the water. Specific angling regulations apply to Atlantic salmon fishing, so it’s advisable to consult your local Welsh fly fishing shop for guidance on this matter.

Can you fly fish in the River Severn for free in Wales?

Yes, there are several locations along the River Severn where fishing is free. For more precise information, it’s recommended to inquire at local fly shops for specific details.

Do you require a fishing license in the UK?

Yes, a fishing license is required in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales when fishing in the UK. It’s important to differentiate between a game license and a coarse license, depending on the species you intend to fish for. Additionally, you will need a license for the specific body of water you plan to fish. Some Welsh fly shops may offer licenses for purchase in-store.

Can you eat pike in the UK?

In the UK, it is generally discouraged to kill pike, and many water bodies do not permit it. Depending on your location, you might be allowed to take pike from the water within specific limits, but it is highly recommended not to do so, as this practice is often met with disapproval from local anglers.

Can you fly fish in any river in Wales?

No, not all rivers in Wales are open for public fishing. Some rivers may require private access or be managed by angling clubs that require day permits or tickets. It’s important to verify the fishing availability with your local fly shop before attempting to fish any stretch of a river. While most rivers have public access areas, they may not yield the same quality of fishing as private lands.

Do you require a license to fly fish along the Welsh coastline?

No, there is no requirement for a saltwater fly fishing license along the Welsh coastline. However, it’s worth noting that the Welsh coastline can be hazardous, so it’s advisable to consult with your local fly shops for advice on safe fishing spots and to check the weather and sea conditions before heading out.


Wales offers a fantastic array of fly fishing stores, even though its relatively small size limits the number of such locations. However, the scarcity of shops is more than compensated for by their exceptional quality.

The fly fishing stores featured in this article are conveniently situated in proximity to some of Wales’ most renowned fishing waters, making them ideal stops for those traveling to fish in locations like the Wye Valley.

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Meet Daniel O'Neill, a writer and angler from Northern Ireland. With a love for fly fishing, he excels as a fishing guide and instructor, bringing abundant expertise to his writing. Daniel has taught beginners all over Ireland and guided anglers pursuing Ireland's mighty salmon. At the beginning of Daniel's angling journey, his fondest memories revolve around the joy of catching brown trout with his friends on his local streams. The thrill of experiencing subtle takes on a dry fly and successfully landing the fish brought them immense satisfaction, regardless of the size of the catch. Daniel's early love for fishing has paved the way for many ventures resulting in impressive catches such as bass, sturgeon, double-figure pike, and Atlantic salmon. His angling journey has taken him to various locations worldwide. Daniel has targeted saltwater bass in the Canary Islands, chub in France, carp in Poland as well as trout and salmon in Scotland. As Daniel continues to journey through the world of angling, he remains committed to sharing his experiences and knowledge through his content creation.

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