When looking to purchase the perfect fly tying desk you have to think about how big you need it to be, the size of your space that you’ll be putting it in, as well as how much gear you have.

Once you’ve got all that figured out you can start narrowing down your list. The perfect desk for fly tying for you is going to allow you to easily stow your gear and have enough space to tie your flies.

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#1 Best Fly Tying Desk Overall: Roll Top Solid Oak


So, if that sounds good to you then check out the information below. We’re going to cover several different desks as well as the pros and cons of different types of fly tying stations.

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What is a Fly Tying Desk?

Like all other pieces of equipment in fly fishing, there is a level of aesthetic that is paired with functionality. Making a fly tying bench a crucial piece of equipment for tying flies, and it also needs to look good.

It’s going to allow you to hold all of the gear you need while also adding to the look of the room that it’s going to be located in. It needs to have space for a vise, as well as any other number of pieces of tying equipment.

A fly tying desk with some tying materials on it.

I know I mentioned aesthetics earlier, but the station for fly tying does not have to be handcrafted artisanal furniture if you don’t want it to be. As long as it holds your gear and you’re happy with it then that all that matters.

What Makes the Perfect Fly Tying Desk?

Below, we’re going to go over exactly what makes the perfect fly tying desk. So, think of some features that you would like to have and check below. We may have a few of them listed out!

Storage Space

Before looking for your bench for fly tying you should think about how much gear you have. I’ve seen some personal collections that put fly shops to shame. Those people had massive desks.

So, if you have a lot of gear then you should be purchasing a large desk with a lot of storage. If you’re new or just don’t have a lot of tying equipment then no need to worry about purchasing something large unless you want to grow into it.


Ever sat at a table at a restaurant and one leg is longer than the other? Causing your drink to slosh back and forth every time someone sets an elbow down. Well, that’s going to happen to you and your flies if your table is not stable.

A close up on young man's hands tying a fly for fishing.

So, before purchasing a table you should read up on reviews or try out the table if it’s already put together. Ensure it does not wobble as that will hamper your tying experience.


Some desks are not all a one size fits all. Some can be raised and lowered. Allowing someone short, or tall to work at the desk. This is also ideal for people who enjoy sitting in short or tall chairs.

Some tables can even become standing desks. This is great for the angler who spends his days sitting down and would like to stretch their legs after work while tying.

Easy Access to Tool and Materials

You don’t want to be leaning over a fly trying to grab that last piece of dubbing. You need it to be within easy reaching distance so you can ensure that your fly is tied properly.

So, make sure the desk is deep enough to hold all of your gear but not so deep that you find yourself straining to reach tools that are just past your fingertips.

Quality of the Build

This is in the same vein as stability. You need to make sure the desk is built properly and does not wobble and will hold up to years of work. Scratch-resistant is nice, but some people enjoy the weathered look.

Also, if your desk comes with drawers for storage you should make sure that the doors easily pull in and out and don’t stick. There are few things more irritating than a drawer that sticks.

Sliding Drawers

Now, if you plan on getting a desk with sliding drawers just keep in mind what we mentioned above. If you don’t feel like you have enough gear to justify drawers then don’t worry about it.

They might be good to get through. Most people grow their fly tying collection over the years and the drawers could be great storage to ensure you can keep a hold of all the equipment you need.


The size of the desk needs to fit the room, and also needs to fit the amount of gear you either have or plan on having. A slightly bigger desk that you can grow into is better than a small desk that quickly overflows.

A perfect fly tying desk full of fly tying materials.

If you plan on using the room for anything other than tying then you should make sure that you don’t get something too large. You want to have other pieces of furniture in there too.


Prices are going to vary. You can easily order a cheap desk from Amazon that might run you $100. Or you could find something in the thousands. it all depends on what you like, and need.

More importantly, though it boils down to what can you afford. A nice fly tying desk is great, but you shouldn’t be setting up a payment plan in order to get one.


What the desk is made of should matter to you if you are concerned about either the aesthetic or the durability. A cheaper desk that’s plastic may not last a long time and might not look as good.

Where a hardwood desk is going to be sturdy and will look great. It might run you a pretty penny though. Don’t fret though, there is always a happy middle ground or looks, affordability, and durability.

Extras Included

This could be anything. there could be drawers along the side that allow you to store extra gear, or an easy spot to hold onto your reels, fly boxes, leaders, line, tippet, or anything else you could possibly need.

Baitfish Pattern Bonefish Flies in a fly box

I’ve seen one desk where the back was made to hold fly rod tubes along with reels. So you would slide a rod into its own cubby into the back of the desk and then the reels went into a drawer. This is great because it helps keep everything in one spot.

Overall Design

This is great if you want something that is going to match a theme in your tying room or your house. I know many different tyers use their “man cave” as the tying room and the desk fits a certain theme.

However, feel free to make it your own though. Whatever design you enjoy seeing and working at is going to let you feel more at ease when sitting there and will lead to more flies tied.

Fly Tying Desks

Below, we’re going to go over some different fly tying desks. Check out the products below and see which one is going to best serve you!

Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk, Chalked Chestnut

The Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk is a great minimalist desk. Perfect for the tyer who doesn’t have too much gear but still would like a spot where they can hold a vise, dubbing, thread, and all of their other tools.

This is a great minimalist desk. Perfect for the tyer who doesn’t have too much gear but still would like a spot where they can hold a vise, dubbing, thread, and all of their other tools.

It’s a nice size. Large enough that you can spread out your tools and ensure that it’s not too cluttered. While also being able to fill a corner of the room without taking over as the centerpiece.

It’s a classic wood tone that would look great for someone looking to have a classic look. It comes equipped with two drawers, one big and one small. Great for holding larger or smaller pieces of equipment.

It’s deep enough that it can also hold separate containers. This way you can grow with the desk and the separate containers would allow you to have more storage spots.

This is also a solid price too. Coming in at under $250 you’re getting a table that is durable and solid without costing too much. A great table for a tyer of any skill level.



Sauder Carson Forge Desk, Washington Cherry Finish

This desk is going to give you more storage than the previous item. It’s equipped with cubbies on top of the desk that you can use to store larger or smaller pieces of tying material.

It’s made of engineered wood and is a grey-silver in color. Giving it a more modern look. There are also three separate drawers on this desk. Two on the side and one in front where the tyer would sit.

The Sauder Carson Forge Desk would be a great desk if you are either a beginner and want something to grow into, or if you have a moderate amount of gear that you need to use for stowing. This desk is a good middle ground.

It also comes at a great price point, and you get a solid and sturdy desk. While also allowing you to store just about all of the gear a fly tyer could ever need, barring a professional.

This is a strong and sturdy desk that would look great in any tyers room. It’s large enough that it can also be used as a workspace if need be. When done working just remove your laptop and get to tying!



Roll Top Desk Solid Oak Wood – Executive Oak Desk

When you close your eyes and think of a fly tying desk this is what most likely comes to mind. A classic, wood, roll top desk with tons of small cubbies that are perfect for storing all of your gear.

On top of having tons of storage space, this desk looks great. Made of oak and then stained to let its natural colors shine. This desk would look great in any room, not just in the tying room.

It also comes equipped with 9 different drawers. Two of them come with locks. meaning you can keep your secret patterns locked away until they’re ready to see the light of day.

There is tons of storage space at this desk. If you have a lot of gear then you need something like this to ensure that it can all fit and that it will be nearby.

The Executive Oak Desk is the ideal fly tying desk. If you have the ability to drop the money on something like this and you’re big into tying then this desk is only going to make your life easier.



Creative Angler Tabletop Organizer

Not all fly tying desks are full-sized tables and not all fly tyers want that. Sometimes you already have a beautiful desk in your office (like the ones listed above) and you just want a cheap, tabletop organizer to go on top.

That’s where the Creative Angler Fly Tying 33 Tool Organizer Caddy comes into play. This is a beautifully designed tabletop fly fishing organizer that’ll work on any tabletop surface.

There are enough holes and pockets to hold pretty much all of your tools and it looks great too.



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After reading the above information you hopefully have a better understanding of what a tying desk is and how it can benefit your fly tying experience.

So, if that all sounds good to you then use the above information as a guideline to help you get on your way to picking out your own desk. So, head on over to Amazon and pick one out!