If you want to finish off your fly properly, then you should definitely purchase a dubbing spinner. Without one, you may not be getting the proper knot into your fly to keep it from falling apart.

If you’re new to the game of fly tying then it may seem overwhelming looking at all of these different tools that are needed in order to the flies properly. Have no fear though.

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#1 Best Dubbing Spinner Overall: Dr. Slick Dubbing


Below, we’re going to go over an important tool that you should definitely put somewhere in your fly tying station. It may not be crucial, but if you want a solid and durable fly then you should figure out a way to work into your arsenal.

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What is a Dubbing Spinner

The best dubbing spinner for fly tying going to be an incredibly useful tool and is also very easy to use. Basically, you’ll be using this tool to ensure your flies hold together while you’re spending a day out on the water.

Essentially, this tool is going to be used to tie your dubbing. Making them tougher and more durable so you don’t have to worry about flies being ruined quickly and going through an entire box of nymphs in one day.

Fly tying Dubbing brush spinners

You can tie flies without this tool, but why not purchase something to not only make it easier to also help improve your flies. It only makes sense that a dubbing spinner finds a spot in your fly tying kit.

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When To Use a Dubbing Spinner

You’ll be using a dubbing spinner when you are ready to complete the dubbing on your fly. All you need to do is make a loop of thread, and then you place the dubbing inside of it and start to twist.

Which is how this tool got its name. Not very clever, but it leaves nothing to the imagination, and lets you know what this tool does and is made for right off the bat.

So, if you want to tie more efficient flies that don’t break down after a few casts or fighting with a large fish then a dubbing spinner is something you need.

What Makes a Good Fly Tying Dubbing Spinner

Below, we’re going to go over a few features that make a great dubbing spinner. Think about what you need in a spinner and then pick out some of the features below so you know what to look for.

Hexagonal Base

If you’ve ever spent time tying flies then you know how tools will sometimes not be placed back in their correct spot. After all, you’re concentrating on something and can’t always put the tool back in its holder.

So, for those times where you need to place something on the desk, you’ll need something that keeps it from rolling away. That’s where the hexagonal base comes in. Easily set it down and it’ll be right where you left it.


Many fly tyers can get caught up in this aspect of the sport. Late at night with a beverage off to the side they can get lost for hours tying their favorite flies for the next morning or the following weekend.

Close up on fly tyer tying a fly for fishing

This is why you need to have a tool that is not only functional but is also comfortable. You don’t want to have a hand cramp when finishing up tying a fly so look for something that fits your hand size.

Jaw Type

Most dubbing spinners only come with one jaw type. It’s normally a simple loop that is used to hold the line so you can thread the dubbing through and tighten it down to ensure it is secure on the shank.

However, some companies make different types of jaws that can be utilized for complex ties. This gives you a more secure hold on the thread and dubbing so you can finish off your fly however you prefer.

Number of Loops

This is in a similar vein to the previous heading. Many tools come with only one loop on their tool. However, you’ll find that there are also tools out there that come with two different loops.

The extra loop allows you to keep your dubbing loop open for longer periods of time so you can easily fit your dubbing inside of it. This makes it easier and more efficient to tie your flies. Great for a beginner.

Best Fly Tying Dubbing Spinners

Below, we’re going to go over three of the best dubbing spinner tools for fly tying. Each one has their own list of pros and cons so think about what you need then use the list below as a guide.

Loon Outdoors Gator Grip

Loon Outdoors Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner

Loon Outdoors Gator Grip is one of the best-known names in terms of gear in fly fishing. On top of that, they also make some fantastic fly tying equipment as well. This might be the best dubbing spinner tool.

The gator grip spinner is going to be more expensive than a normal spinner, but it’s truly a great piece of equipment. It comes with two jaws for all different types of tying and is very comfortable to use.



Dr. Slick Dubbing Twister

Dr. Slick Dubbing Twister Gold 2

It’s hard to go wrong with Dr. Slick Dubbing Twister when it comes to fly tying tools, and this dubbing twister is no different. This dubbing is all brass, giving it a nice feel to it while also allowing it to be very durable.

The double loops allow for easy tying. Great for someone who is just starting out and might be having a difficult time finishing off their flies. Or it could even be great for someone who is advanced and just wants a quicker way to tie.



Rising Stubby Twister

Rising Stubby Shepard Open Loop Dubbing Twister Fly Tying Tool

This is a single loop twister. It’s made of aluminum and has a texture on the handle that will allow you to easily spring this to ensure you get a proper twist in your thread around the dubbing.

Rising Stubby Twister is perfectly straight and weighs just enough to hold down thread and dubbing so that it lays flat and you can easily manipulate it.



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Now that we know a little bit more about dubbing twisters hopefully you see how great they can be and that they’re not at all intimidating.

So, now that we have all the information above you should go on out to your local fly shop and pick up the best dubbing spinner fly tying tool!