Dallas spends most of his time chasing brook trout in the mountain streams of his home state of Virginia and paddling around farm ponds throwing wooly buggers to bream and bass. When not fishing he's writing about fishing and has been published in The Virginia Sportsman, Southern Culture on the Fly as well as other fly fishing and outdoor sites.

Best 6 Weight Fly Line in 2023

The ultimate buyer's guide to help you choose the best 6wt fly line including how & when to use it, important features and a list of the best 5wt available.

Casting a 3 weight fly line fly fishing on. a river

Best 4 Weight Fly Line in 2023

The ultimate guide to the best 4wt fly line on the market in 2023 including features to look for, how to fish a 4-weight, the best brands, the best lines & more.