If you’re looking to add a little pop to your nymph or streamer then using the best fly tying flash is going to be the way to go.

So, if you’re looking for a little extra pop to your fly then flash is how you should do it. It’s going to add a little sparkle when the sun hits it in the water causing some hard-hitting strikes.

So, if you’re looking to start adding flash to your flies then check out the information below. We’re going to cover three different types of flash as well as some of the best features of flash.

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What is Flash?

The best flash fly tying material will add color to your fly. Typically it is used on streamer or nymphs patterns. This eye-popping color will help catch the eye of a fish and could trigger it into a strike.

Flash can be tied in many different ways and on top of being great in freshwater you can also use it in saltwater. Easily apply it to crab and shrimp patterns.

fly tying flash

It comes in many different unique colors and sizes. Allowing the fly tyer to have complete control over what they want to apply to their own fly.

When To Use Flash Material?

Any time you want to add a little pop of color to your fly, you’ll want to grab a piece of flash and utilize that. It’s great for triggering reaction strikes.

Streamers are usually the most popular fly to attach a flash to. Clouser minnows are some of the most popular and for good reason. These Clousers work great when paired with the best flash material for fly tying.

It’s most popular in saltwater flies, but it’s extremely versatile. You can easily tie it on to your files and use it to catch bass, crappie, and panfish.

Types of Flash

Below, we’re going to go over a few different types of flash. Each has its own pros and cons so think about what you need then apply that to the list below.

Baitfish Flash

This is a textured flash that has a treated edge for winding. All you need is a few turns with this material, slap on some eyes, and clear glue then you’re all set for imitating baitfish.

Holographic Flash

Holy mother of color. This is going to light up the water like a Christmas tree. This color has a 3D color effect that creates an incredible spectrum of light once in the water.

Krystal Flash

This is the original flash that has been used by tyers for year and year. It’s just bright enough to draw in strikes but not too much that it can thwart a strike.

Saltwater Flashabou

Use this to tie on to your streamers, or crab imitations. It gives a sparkle of color that will draw in fish to see what’s crawling along the bottom of swimming through the water column.

What Makes Good Fly Tying Flash?

Below, we’re going to go over a few different features that make a good fly tying flash. Think about what you need for your own flies and apply that to the information below.


You’ll need to think about what color you intend your fly to be and either match your flash to it, or you could just let your flash be the whole body of the fly.

Some colors will work best in different types of water clarity. So you don’t want to be using a darker flash in water that wouldn’t allow the fish to see it properly.


If you want to use flash on a smaller crab imitation then you don’t really want to use a large flash. You want something that is going to match your fly.

The more you flash matches the fly you tied the better off you’re going to be. This is because it’s going to look more natural and will draw in more fish.

3D Color Effect

We touched on this earlier but this is a great flash to use when fishing in cloudy water. It’s going to absorb any little bit of sunlight that may sneak through.

An angler fly fishing in cloudy water

This will cause the color of the fly to be brighter than just about anything else in the water. Allowing the fish the opportunity to see it and strike.

Glow in the Dark

This is similar to the 3D color effect, but this is intended to fish deep in areas where there is little to no sunlight hitting.

This would be an ideal color for fly fishing at night. You could swap out the 3D effect for this if you would prefer. However, it is all just personal preference.

Best Fly Tying Flash

Below, we’re going to go over three different types of products. Think about what you need for your own flash and apply that to the products below to help you figure out what is needed.

Phecda Sport Fly Tying Flash

This Phecda Sport Fly Tying Flash is a bright and color crystal flash, made with environmentally friendly products. Each pack is going to have roughly 150-170 pieces giving you more than enough to tie many different flies.

This flash is great for tying both salt and freshwater flies. These will come in a pack of random colors so you need to specify which ones you want.



Xfishman Krystal Flash (12 Colors)

The Xfishman 12-Color Pack of flash is going to take your flies to the next level. It comes in multiple colors allowing you to match exactly what you need to target both fresh and saltwater fish.

There is just enough pomp on this flash to help draw in fish without scaring them away. It is also very easy to tie and even beginners should not have too much of an issue tying this on.

The flash itself is very high quality and won’t rust or lose color in saltwater and it also floats well and looks very natural when moving through the water. All in all this is a great flash.



Tigofly Flashabou (12 Colors)

This Flashabou Flash pack comes with a lot of flash and is some of the best flash material. You get about 400 strands per pack and it also comes in 12 different colors. Allowing you to match the hatch no matter where you might be fishing.

If you’re looking to add a little extra pop to your flies and want a lot of flash in a pack then this is the ideal pack for you.





Flash is a great way to attract more fish to your fly. Sometimes more is less though so be careful when tying it.

Now, that you know a little bit more about the best flash for fly tying you should head on down to your local fly shop and pick some up!