Glasgow Fly Shops: A List Of All Glasgow Fly Fishing Stores

Discover our comprehensive list of all Glasgow fly fishing stores – your go-to resource for the finest fly shops in the city.

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In the vibrant city of Glasgow, you’ll discover a selection of outstanding fly shops. I’m Daniel O’Neill, and in this article, I’ll be diving into the top fly fishing establishments Glasgow has to offer.

Glasgow is not only a fantastic place for fly fishermen to visit during their fly-fishing adventures; it also boasts a considerable community of local anglers who have established their own shops. These passionate individuals are more than willing to steer you in the right direction and provide you with invaluable tips to enhance your fly fishing experience.

Glasgow Fly Shops

In this section, I will thoroughly explore the most prominent fly-fishing shops in Glasgow, providing insights into their locations and the wide diversity of products and services they offer to angling enthusiasts.

An angler browsing fishing tools in a shop

Glasgow Angling Centre

The Glasgow Angling Centre is conveniently located within the established retail hub of Glasgow, known as the Point Retail Park. This store consistently offers ongoing sales and clearance options, catering to budget-conscious anglers in need of quality gear.

At present, Glasgow Angling is running substantial discounts on their Simms product range. Their website features a curated selection of the top twenty products, showcasing the best-selling items and highlighting some of the most attractive deals and products available for purchase.

Hooked On Fishing

Hooked on Fishing offers a diverse range of high-quality fishing gear tailored to suit various fishing styles. Located in Renfrew, Glasgow, this shop is not only great for anglers but also boasts a charismatic and good-humored shop owner, who infuses the store with a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

In addition to their extensive selection of fishing equipment, there are numerous reasons to pay a visit to this establishment, such as its great reviews and location. 

J B Angling Centre

J.B. Angling Centre is conveniently located in Kirkintilloch, Glasgow. Unfortunately, they currently do not have a website, nevertheless, you can stay updated on their latest store offerings by visiting their Facebook page, linked above.

While J.B. Angling Centre primarily specializes in coarse fishing, they also boast a fantastic selection of fly fishing gear available in-store. You’ll be pleased to find an impressive assortment of fly reels to choose from. Furthermore, the staff at J.B. Angling Centre is renowned for their warm and helpful assistance, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience.


iFlies is headquartered in Glasgow and operates exclusively as an online store, without a physical retail location. They offer an extensive range of flies tailored to the Glasgow area, catering to the specific needs of local anglers.

You should definitely explore one of their unique offerings, the eye-catching kit bags, which are custom-designed by the talented artist Jo Sibthorp and proudly made in the UK. These kit bags are not only functional but also a visual delight, making your fishing equipment stand out in style.

Angling Active

Just a short distance from Glasgow, in Stirling, you’ll discover the expansive fishing shop known as Angling Active. This large fishing establishment has an extensive and diverse collection of fly fishing equipment.

When you visit their website, be sure to explore their hot product sale offerings and new product releases. With over 12,000 reviews on TripAdvisor, Angling Active comes highly recommended and is well worth a visit for any angler seeking quality gear and expert guidance.

FAQs about Glasgow Fly Shops

In this section, I will answer some commonly associated fly fishing shop questions related to Glasgow.

Do you require a license to fly fish in Scotland?

In Scotland, you only need a fishing license for the Border Esk region. For the rest of Scotland, there is no requirement for a fly fishing license, providing ample opportunities to fish. However, if you intend to fish on privately owned waters, you will need signed permission, and for club waters, you may need to purchase a day ticket for the specific day you wish to fish.

Can you fish any river in Scotland for free?

No, many of the best salmon rivers in Scotland can be quite expensive, and some may require private access. Nevertheless, there are many excellent free fishing locations in Scotland. It’s entirely possible to catch salmon, trout, and grayling for free in Scotland, but it may require some effort to find the best spots.

What is the best river to fish in Scotland?

The best rivers to fish in Scotland include the Tweed and Avon. Both rivers are renowned for their fishing opportunities, although some stretches may be costly to fish. Anglers have been known to land multiple salmon per day on these rivers, and there have been notable instances of double-figure fish being caught on both.

Is salmon fishing catch and release in Scotland?

The release of kelts (mature salmon) and colored fish is mandatory on most Scottish rivers. Many club waters also require the release of Atlantic salmon, and anglers are encouraged to follow catch-and-release practices to conserve future stocks.

Can I fish on the Scottish coast without a license?

Yes, you can fish on the Scottish coast without a license. It is advisable to consult your local fly shop for the best locations, as fly fishing on the Scottish coast can be challenging if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

What are the best Scottish salmon flies?

Some of the best Scottish salmon flies include the Willy Gunn, Silver Stoat, and Ally’s Shrimp. These patterns are known for their effectiveness in catching aggressive Atlantic salmon in Scottish waters.

What are the best Scottish trout flies?

Notable trout flies in Scotland include the Butcher, Silver Stoat, Teal Blue and Silver, and White Hackle Invicta. These flies are commonly used for trout fishing in Scottish rivers and lochs.

What saltwater species can you target when fly fishing in Scotland?

In Scotland, there’s a diverse range of saltwater species you can pursue while fly fishing. The Scottish coastline teems with life, especially during the summer months when fly anglers set their sights on the likes of impressive pollock, feisty coal fish, and schools of energetic mackerel. Fly anglers also commonly land gar, bass, sea trout, and mullet while casting their lines in Scottish waters.

What is the average cost of salmon fishing in Scotland?

The cost of a day ticket for salmon fishing in Scottish rivers typically starts at around £35. However, on some of the more renowned rivers, you might find prices reaching upwards of £250, depending on the specific stretch of river you choose to fish.

Where are the most salmon caught in Scotland?

While the River Tay, spanning an impressive 117 miles, yields the highest salmon catch in Scotland, there are other locations that offer excellent opportunities for anglers on smaller stretches of water. The Tay remains a prime destination for fly anglers seeking to target this prized species.


There are numerous fantastic options to choose from in the vibrant city of Glasgow. Glasgow’s expansive size offers a remarkable variety of fly shops, ensuring that anglers have an abundance of choices.

Additionally, Glasgow is an exceptional fly fishing destination, primarily due to its numerous rivers and picturesque lakes surrounding the area, making it an excellent choice for setting up a base camp for fly fishing adventures.

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